The Democrats’ spin machine turbo charger just kicked in—and it’s bad news for Republicans

By every measure, the November midterms were set up to be an absolute bloodbath for Democrats.

But the Democrats’ spin machine turbo charger just kicked in.

And there’s plenty of bad news ahead for Republicans.

Everything from the very essence of who Joe Biden is to the fundamental laws of political science indicates that this November should be a massive sweeping win for Republicans.

But against all odds there are subtle signs that Democrats are gaining traction.

It seems almost inexplicable considering the Joe Biden is constantly getting lost in the middle of every sentence, Kamala Harris has managed to redefine incompetence, and Nancy Pelosi gets stranger by the year. (Remember all those bizarre gestures during Biden’s State of the Union Address?)

In the midst of the worst inflationary crisis since Jimmy Carter was in office, you’d think they’d all be out of a job in short order.

As former CNN producer and Washington Post columnist Frida Ghitis recently pointed out “For a president who so many people believe is failing, Joe Biden sure is suddenly notching up an impressive string of victories.”

Of course, Joe Biden’s far left definition of a “victory” involves pushing all kinds of initiatives that all Americans will end up spending decades trying to recover from, like his recently “Inflation Reduction Act.”

In spite of the appealing name, it’s a boondoggle of a legislative mess in part sinking $370 billion into making climate activists happy.

“If truth in advertising applied to Congress, the Inflation Reduction Act would be named the Stagflation Act of 2022,” Forbes contributor Wayne Winegarden explained perfectly summing up the reality of Biden’s latest success.

But regardless of how awful all Biden’s ideas are, if Democrats manage to sell them to voters, we’re all in a whole lot of trouble.

Of course, the Democrats’ myriad smoke and mirrors techniques wouldn’t be working if there weren’t something gummed up in the GOP machine.

In spite of the fact that GOP small-dollar donations spiked over the past four years, now they’ve suddenly dried up—at a point in the political cycle when they would typically be picking up instead.

The Republican Party has a huge map to prioritize as well as help they owe Donald Trump to help fight the legal fallout from the 2020 election.

At the same time, the Party establishment players have failed to inspire confidence in their base by inexplicably selling out to leftists and gun grabbers.

There’s no good way anyone in Washington, D.C. can explain away the bizarre way Republicans in Congress suddenly decided to strike a deal with the Democrats instead of holding out until after the election in November when it seemed all but guaranteed Democrats would lose their razor thin grip on power.

By convincing Republicans to compromise instead, Democrats not only got their own way they also severely hindered the Republicans’ get out the vote effort in the coming months as the loss of confidence among rank-and-file GOP members is incredibly demoralizing.

Fortunately for the GOP establishment, Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland may have just saved the Republican National Committee’s bacon, with the DOJ’s raid on Donald Trump helping re-energize the GOP base.

At this point, Democrats should still suffer mightily on Election Day, but as their poll numbers begin to bounce back it’s a reminder that there’s nothing they won’t try—and if they pull the wool over Americans eyes yet again there’s no telling how much damage they’ll manage to do in the next two years.

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