The Biden administration’s lie about gas prices has experts saying they should look in the mirror

In case you haven’t noticed, over the past six months, gas prices have skyrocketed.

And like most issues his policies create, Joe Biden and his lackeys have attempted to pass off any and all blame.

However, the Biden administration’s lie about what caused gas prices to increase has experts saying they should look in the mirror.

Last year, on Election Day, the average cost of a gallon of gas in the United States was $2.11, and on the day Joe Biden entered office, the average price was slightly higher at $2.38 per gallon.

In just over three months since Biden took office, the national average gas price has skyrocketed by more than 50 cents, with the average topping out at almost $3.00 per gallon on Friday.

Obviously, with gas prices soaring since Election Day, and even more so since Biden entered the White House, it’s clear that the administration’s far-left policies are a contributing factor.

That’s apparently so obvious that even CNN’s Jake Tapper confronted Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about the increase in gas prices late last week.

“Beyond whether or not you think your policies are to blame, are you worried that the prices could impact whether or not Americans travel, which is, of course, needed to put money back into the economy?” Tapper asked.

Granholm then defended the administration’s far-left policies by claiming that COVID is solely to blame for the increase in gas prices.

“People need to travel, you’re right, but we need to get the virus under control first, we need to get to that 70%, we need to get to herd immunity,” Granholm said, even though experts are now saying “herd immunity” may be unattainable.

“Why have gas prices gone up? Could that be because of the virus itself as well? Everything is tied together,” Granholm continued. “So I just want to say, this administration is totally focused on getting this virus under control, which means the economy will get under control, and then investing in the nation so that we can go big on America.”

But while the Biden administration wants to push the narrative that COVID is solely responsible for rising gas prices, experts believe that isn’t entirely true.

In fact, according to oil industry expert David Blackmon, the primary reason prices have skyrocketed is because the market has reacted to the Biden administration’s policies.

“Since last November 3, the average price per gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. has skyrocketed by 75 cents,” Blackmon wrote in a recent piece for Forbes. “The markets clearly see the Biden/Harris administration as one that will work to inhibit U.S. oil production, which will also have the effect of tightening the global market, and traders have responded by driving up the price of crude oil.”

Blackmon went on to explain that Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, suspend the program for oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters, raise the estimate for the “social cost of carbon” by over 700%, and the coming effort by the Biden EPA to convince the courts to allow it to regulate carbon as a “criteria pollutant,” all played a major role in causing gas prices to increase.

“All of these actions and more to come will increase the costs of not just oil and gasoline, but all forms of non-renewable energy for consumers, will make the country increasingly reliant on foreign oil imports and thus will render the country less energy secure than before,” Blackmon concluded. “These outcomes are entirely predictable and are in fact features of the Biden/Harris plan, which is in part designed to make EVs and renewables more competitive by raising the cost of fossil fuels and other more traditional forms of energy. That’s not a value judgement: it’s just reality.”

No matter how hard Joe Biden and his administration attempt to pass blame onto COVID for their failures, it won’t change the truth.

The far-left energy plan that Biden is implementing is dangerous and reckless, and it is undoubtedly driving up gas prices to the point where it will be completely unaffordable for average Americans.

As Blackmon put it, that’s just reality, and worse of all, it doesn’t appear that it’s going to get any better any time soon.

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