Teachers unions are pushing something on children that will have you seeing red

The “woke” Left is on the rise.

And they’re being supported by mainstream Democrat institutions.

Now teachers unions are pushing something on children that will have you seeing red.

Democrats seem determined to push the most fringe ideas onto young children, and they’re using the teachers unions to do it.

The teachers unions are entirely beholden to the Democrat Party and vice versa, so there’s virtually no separation between them.

Now the teachers unions are pushing explicit sexual material on children.

Conservative journalist Christopher Rufo wrote, “The national teachers union’s ‘LGBTQ+ Caucus’ has created a website and badge for public school employees that promote non-binary identities, a how-to guide for ‘queer sex,’ and the idea that ‘transgender men can get pregnant.’ According to local reports, the National Education Association and its local affiliate in Hilliard, Ohio, have been providing staff in the Hilliard City School District with the QR code-enabled badges, which point to the ‘NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus’ website and resources from gender activist organizations including Scarleteen, Sex, Etc., Gender Spectrum, The Trevor Project, and Teen Health Source.”

The Left use the reality of gay teenagers as a pretext for imposing all sorts of radical and inappropriate sexual concepts onto students.

Rufo continued, “One of these linked resources, Teen Health Source’s ‘Queering Sexual Education,’ which promises to ‘empower youth’ and includes a how-to guide for performing ‘anal sex,’ ‘bondage,’ ‘rimming,’ ‘domination,’ ‘sadomasochism,’ ‘muffing,’ and ‘fisting.’ The materials are extremely graphic, explaining how to, for example, ‘[put] a fist or whole hand into a person’s vagina or bum.’ This isn’t a fringe organization. The NEA is the largest teachers union in the country, representing more than 3 million public school teachers in all 14,000 local school districts—and it has been captured by radical gender theory and its perverse sexual ideology.”

So the biggest teachers union in the country believes it’s appropriate to teach kids about graphic sexual acts.

Meanwhile, the unions were fighting like hell to keep schools closed during COVID.

So they didn’t want to teach kids reading and math, but they think it’s very important to teach kids about explicit sex acts in graphic detail.

The Left has been completely captured by radical ideas, and mainstream Democrat institutions are being used to filter these ideas to the public.

And anyone who opposes them could get labeled a domestic terrorist by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and find themselves swatted by the FBI.

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