Teacher union boss Randi Weingarten just jet-setted off to this country even as American school children suffer

    America’s government schools are failing.

    And it’s largely due to the teachers union and their radical agenda.

    But teacher union boss Randi Weingarten just jet-setted off to this country even as American school children suffer.

    Government schools in the United States are showing their worst academic results in more than 30 years.

    COVID lockdowns and closures, remote “learning,” and radical socialist policies are destroying America’s government school system.

    And it’s all led by union bosses.

    Specifically, the union bosses at the National Education Association (NEA) and the equally radical and arguably more militant American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

    But while all this is going on, teachers union boss Randi Weingarten is taking a trip to Ukraine.

    “Woke up this am to reports of disgusting Russian missile strikes in Kyiv, Lviv & other cities. Heading to the border now to assess the situation,” the American Federation of Teachers president wrote on Twitter. “This Russian attempt to frighten civilians & the effect on children (who are learning online today) is why this [Ukraine flag emoji] trip is so important.”

    Weingarten also pointed out that the children are “learning online” — implying this has a negative impact on learning — despite the fact that she and others on the far-left fought militantly to keep American children locked out of school and “learning online” for over two years during the COVID pandemic.

    According to Weingarten, she was invited to the country “as part of the global labor movement’s commitment to assist the region’s educators in standing up for freedom and democracy while keeping refugee kids learning in perilous times.”

    This from a woman who is trying to destroy freedom and learning in her own nation.

    Weingarten was promptly and properly attacked on social media as her trip to Europe is happening at the very same time American students are struggling to come back from the massive learning loss created in large part by teachers’ union bosses like Weingarten and their Democrat allies.

    Post Millennial editor-in-chief Libby Emmons asked on Twitter, “Why is the president of the American Federation of Teachers in Ukraine while our kids’ schools are failing?”

    Journalist Ian Miles Cheong also called out Weingarten, with his usual sarcasm, asking, “What the F can you even do at the Ukr/Rus border, Randi? Shouldn’t you be busy trying to criminalize parents who want school choice?”

    He then reminded his followers that Weingarten first showed her “solidarity” with Ukraine by holding an upside-down Ukraine flag.

    National Review reporter Caroline Downey tweeted that “math and literacy proficiency plummeted this year due to school closures you [Weingarten] supported. You desert children when you put union politics and other issues above education.”

    Weingarten, however, continues to push her public relations campaign, saying, “Our trip of solidarity and bearing witness is probably more important today than it was when we planned it.”

    America’s failing schools would beg to differ.

    But then again union bosses do not care about the children.

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