Solar panel company CEO said something that made environmentalists lose their minds

The Left have turned environmentalism as a religious sect.

Many of them believe the planet will explode in 12 years if the Democrats don’t pass a carbon tax.

And one solar panel company CEO said something that made environmentalists lose their minds.

The dirty little secret of the far-left green movement is that it has nothing to do with saving the planet.

The Left simply uses fear-mongering about the environment as a scare tactic to convince people that the government should have more top-down control over the economy.

And Drew Bond, CEO of C3 Solutions, said that if leftists were serious about the environment, they would be embracing clean and efficient forms of energy.

Bond said in an interview with The Daily Signal, “[T]here’s a lot of conservatives that actually care a lot about the environment. We just don’t speak the language of the environmental Left. And I would argue that many conservatives are, in fact, better environmentalists than many in the environmental community. Farmers, I would say, are the first environmentalists.”

Bond advocates for all sources of energy being deployed, not just renewables, which aren’t nearly as “green” as the Left like to pretend.

For example, wind turbines require a lot of land usage, meaning wildlife are displaced by the construction of them.

They also kill thousands of birds a year.

In addition to that, heavy machinery is required to build them, which means more carbon emissions.

In the end, wind turbines are not nearly as reliable as oil or natural gas.

Bond continued, “C3 Solutions stands for the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions. So we very intentionally put ‘conservative’ and ‘climate’ in our name, but also intentionally put ‘solutions’ in our name because so much of the dialogue globally has been focused on climate change is going to result in ending the world and the sky’s falling, and we all need to look to government to solve all of our problems. And we just know that’s fundamentally wrong.”

The environmentalist Left claims to be concerned about carbon emissions, but they hate nuclear power, which is clean and efficient.

They also don’t push hydro, which is clean.

When asked about the biggest climate myth, Bond answered, “Oh, man, there’s so many. The biggest one these days is that the climate is changing so rapidly that if we don’t fix it in the next 10 years, then we’re all doomed. I mean, that’s what is being sold to the world. Many students . . . they’ve got what’s becoming a medically diagnosed condition of climate anxiety. And it all stems from this overhype of how bad the problem is . . . I think that is the biggest myth, is that we can somehow just go all-in wind and solar and that’s going to save the planet, when, again, nothing against wind and solar, and like I said, I have a solar company, but to go all-in, 100% wind and solar, would be insanity. It would not be reliable, it would not be affordable, and it just wouldn’t make sense. And so I think the environmental community is overselling the alarmism of climate and overselling the benefits of renewables, when in fact we just need a rational, practical, diversified approach.”

The radical environmentalist movement is all about control, not solving problems in a practical manner.

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