Reports suggest this Democrat Governor potentially considered “intimidating citizens” with fighter jets multiple times

Once politicians and bureaucrats get a taste of power, they can’t seem to stop themselves from seeing just how far they can push it.

And often, they’ll go way over the line and possibly tread into unprecedented and illegal territory.

Like this Democrat Governor who reportedly considered “intimidating citizens” with fighter jets multiple times.

After reviewing internal California National Guard documents and speaking with numerous sources, the Los Angeles Times has reported that orders were issued at the start of the COVID pandemic to have a F-15C fighter jet on alert status to deploy within two hours for a possible “domestic mission.”

“Those sources said the order didn’t spell out the mission but, given the aircraft’s limitations, they understood it to mean the plane could be deployed to terrify and disperse protesters by flying low over them at window-rattling speeds, with its afterburners streaming columns of flames,” the L.A. Times reported.

On top of the orders that were issued at the start of COVID, other documents reviewed by The Times also indicated that a similar order was handed down for an “election-week” mission.

Sources revealed that the orders were passed down orally and through text message rather than official channels that would have involved more documentation that could’ve been accessed by the public.

“But The Times reviewed other internal Guard documents that show the jet was placed on an alert status for a possible election-week mission and that officers discussed concerns in March 2020 as well as that summer about using the F-15C for domestic purposes, including to intimidate civilians,” the L.A. Times continued. “The sources said the directives from Guard headquarters made their way down orally or in text messages, rather than in formal written orders, which was unusual and heightened their concerns that the jet would be used inappropriately.”

The L.A. Times also reported that the jet was ready to be deployed throughout the pandemic, as well as in response to violent far-left riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Additional records obtained and reviewed by The Times indicated that the jet was moved to alert status under the Defense Support Of Civil Authorities order that authorizes using military forces for non-military emergencies, like natural disasters or helping law enforcement deal with widespread violent riots.

As one source said, “Fighter jets have been used occasionally in that manner in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

And another source said that such orders would have been “completely illegal” and would have “disgraced the military.”

“That’s something that would happen in the Soviet Union,” an L.A. Times source said under the condition of anonymity because they feared retaliation from superiors. “Our military is used to combat foreign aggressors.”

“It’s a war machine, not something you use for [suppressing] civil unrest,” yet another source told The Times, while also saying in his experience even considering using a fighter jet against American citizens was “definitely unprecedented.”

According to the report, the head of the California National Guard, Maj. Gen. David Baldwin, who happens to report directly to Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, refused to be interviewed by the L.A. Times, and his office denied that the request was made.

Governor Newsom’s office also claimed that he was unaware of the alleged order, and claimed that he wouldn’t have authorized it.

However, it’s hard to envision how any branch of the military, particularly the California National Guard, would have gone to such lengths without Governor Newsom knowing anything about it.

Furthermore, it’s very difficult to believe that a traditionally far-left outlet like the L.A. Times would have reported such information about a situation that a Democrat Governor was potentially involved in without having concrete proof that every document they obtained and source they spoke with was authentic.

This isn’t the type of story that any news outlet, even the far-left media, publishes on a whim.

Governor Newsom has had plenty of political issues throughout the past year, and may be on the verge of a recall election.

So if it is proven that he had any involvement or knowledge of this situation, it could spell disaster for his efforts to retain his position.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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