One shocking poll could mean the Democrats are in total collapse

Joe Biden’s presidency has gone far worse than even moderates expected.

His first year in office has been historically bad.

And one shocking poll could mean the Democrats are in total collapse.

The Republicans currently enjoy their biggest lead ever in the generic Congressional ballot.

That means the Democrats are likely to get wiped out in the midterm elections.

But the problem could be much worse than that.

Democrats could be losing their stranglehold on key voting blocs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that its survey “found Republicans [are] making gains among minority groups. By 9 percentage points, Hispanic voters in the new poll said they would back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat. The two parties had been tied among Hispanic voters in the Journal’s survey in November.”

That is devastating news for the Democrats.

They normally enjoy a two-to-one edge among Hispanic voters so a tie would be bad news, and a 9-point deficit would be catastrophic.

The news got even worse for the Left.

The Journal added that “Democratic margins also eroded among Black voters, who favored a Democrat for Congress by 35 percentage points in the new survey, down from 56 points in November. Support for a Republican candidate rose to 27% among Black voters, up from 12% in November.”

Democrats normally pull around 90% of the black vote; if Republicans are polling at 27% among black voters, the Democrats would be dead in the water.

They don’t have enough college-educated white progressives to make up for the loss of black and Hispanic voters.

These numbers are optimistic for Republicans, but polls don’t always reflect actual election results.

That said, the trends are moving in the wrong direction for Democrats.

Hispanic voters in South Texas have swung Republican since 2020.

It turns out that they do not favor mass unfettered immigration into the country as well as regulations against the oil industry that employs so many people in the area.

Black and Hispanic voters are also not too keen on the radical nonsense spouted by the Left.

A Gallup poll showed that 80% of black residents want the same level of police engagement or more in their communities, which does not jive with the progressive “defund the police” rhetoric.

Hispanic voters are also put off by cultural manipulations like the term “latinx,” which is not popular at all among the demographic.

If the Democrats continue their hard pivot to the fringes, they run the risk of alienating important constituencies.

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