One radical Mayor’s crackdown is blowing up in his face

The COVID regime is out for blood.

Anyone who opposes restrictions is met with authoritarian force.

But one radical Mayor’s crackdown is blowing up in his face.

Communist Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio was the first big city Mayor to announce sweeping vaccine mandates.

De Blasio intentionally created a two-tiered society along the lines of vaccine status, but he’s receiving pushback.

Thousands of employees at the New York Department of Education are refusing to capitulate to the intrusive vaccine mandate.

And they showed their displeasure by protesting in the streets.

Supposedly there are as many as 8,000 employees at the DOE who remain unvaccinated despite threats to their jobs and ostracization.

De Blasio and the Democrats likely didn’t expect public sector employees to resist his diktats.

From Newsweek:

“The event began in Brooklyn at the headquarters of the New York City Department of Education (DOE). The DOE’s recent employee mandate gave teachers until this past Friday to receive at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, or else they would not be allowed to return to work . . . It was estimated that up to 8,000 DOE employees would be out of a job due to refusing the vaccine.”

What’s also encouraging is that more prominent voices are speaking out against the madness.

Several NBA players are resisting the vaccine mandates.

The COVID regime is not getting the compliance it wants, so the crackdowns are getting more extreme.

Talking heads on CNN have suggested canceling union workers’ pensions if they do not comply with the vaccine mandates.

It’s unbelievable that the government has gotten more hysterical despite the distribution of a vaccine.

The COVID vaccine is being used as a pretense to divide society so the Democrats can blame someone for their failures.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers are sinking, and he’s blaming it on a sagging economy created by the unvaccinated.

But that lie isn’t working, and these growing protests prove it.

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