One radical Democrat just said something unhinged about Manchin no one ever expected

Joe Biden’s socialist spending bill is on ice for now.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin killed it, and his party is not happy.

And one radical Democrat just said something unhinged about Manchin no one ever expected.

New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman is the latest radical Democrat to be elected.

And like the other wild-eyed socialists in his caucus, he’s furiously attacking the moderates in his party that are not on board with irresponsible spending packages.

Senator Joe Manchin stuck a fork in Biden’s Build Back Better socialist spending bonanza, and leftists are furious.

Bowman essentially called Manchin a racist for opposing the bill.

He said on CNN:

“It’s tremendously frustrating for me as a black man in America because once again it’s an example of Joe Manchin as a white man showing that he doesn’t care about black people, he doesn’t care about Latinos, he doesn’t care about immigrants, he doesn’t care about women, and he doesn’t care about the poor.”

This is the gutter politics that has come to define the Democrat Party.

No blow is too low, and no shot is too cheap.

To get a sense of just how radical the Democrats have become, Bowman was almost expelled from the Democratic Socialists of America for meeting with Israeili Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The fringe leftists are now in control of the party, and the corporate-controlled press is cheering them on.

Fortunately, Manchin has been able to take the slings and arrows because his constituents are West Virginians, not the editorial board of The New York Times.

Bowman and the other radicals play to the press and Twitter, but they do not represent most Americans.

They are wildly to the Left of the average citizen that is already being crushed by inflation.

Everyday Americans do not support a bill that would bring even more inflation down on their heads.

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