One intelligence officer was suspended for a jaw-dropping reason

The establishment is bulldozing anyone and anything that gets in the way of the narrative.

Members of law enforcement are quickly finding that out.

Now, one intelligence officer was suspended for a jaw-dropping reason.

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Shane Lamond, who worked in intelligence for the department for the last four years, has been placed on administrative leave pending a criminal investigation into “ties” to the Proud Boys.

In reality, Lamond was contacted by Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio to let police know where they would be in advance of a legal protest, reason being because Antifa routinely shows up to provoke confrontation.

In other words, Lamond appeared to be working in his capacity as an intelligence officer to diffuse street tension.

Chief Robert Contee placed Lamond on leave even though he admitted he did not know “for sure” if Lamond had committed any wrongdoing.

Tarrio explained:

“There’s this giant conspiracy to catch anyone ‘involved,’ but we have got to a point where police doing police work is wrong. The only relationship I had with [Lamond] has been professional — him trying to keep the peace, keep people safe and let them express their protected First Amendment rights…There’s no conspiracy here. There were no controversial conversations.”

The Democrat Media Complex has absurdly branded the Proud Boys as a “white supremacist” group, even though Tarrio, who’s Afro-Cuban, and many other members are nonwhite.

The Proud Boys began as an informal frat started by comedian Gavin McInnes that would play pub games and engage in similar trivial behavior.

The Left suddenly branded them some kind of paramilitary group after they were confronted by Antifa goons outside of an event and got into a fight.

Antifa got a slap on the wrist, but the Proud Boys got branded public enemy number one because they lean right.

Tarrio continued:

“Every time we go somewhere, whether it’s DC or Portland, we call local law enforcement to let them know. This is why people have called me an informant. I work with law enforcement to keep our people safe when we go somewhere…This is going to cause people to not want to work with police, and will lead to protesters and counter-protesters fighting with each other.”

Members of the Proud Boys have literally been stabbed by Antifa radicals, but for the longest time, the Democrats and their media allies would not even admit the existence of Antifa.

The Democrats don’t care if Antifa commits acts of violence, because it can be ignored or excused.

Street clashes between Antifa and the Proud Boys or any group perceived as right-wing are probably good for the Democrats.

No matter the outcome, Democrats can blame the Right.

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