New York City officials just took one horrifying action against a child and his mother

Blue States and cities are becoming unlivable.

That’s why so many Americans are fleeing to Red States.

And New York City officials just took one horrifying action against a child and his mother.

Communist New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has gone full Stasi with his unconscionable vaccine mandate.

Many city employees, including frontline workers, have been forced out of their jobs.

Now the NYPD is enforcing vaccine passports at restaurants.

In one despicable scene, a young child and his mother were kicked out of a restaurant for not having their papers.

De Blasio and other COVID tyrants are intentionally creating a two-tiered society.

The infuriating irony of the situation is that progressives like De Blasio are allowing criminals to go free while young children are being ousted from restaurants.

This is a perfect encapsulation of anarcho-tyranny – criminals are permitted to run the streets with impunity (anarchy), and law-abiding citizens are punished severely (tyranny).

The COVID regime is giddy over these types of emergency powers, and officials like De Blasio refuse to relinquish them.

Thousands of New Yorkers have fled the state in the wake of COVID.

States like Texas and Florida have welcomed hundreds of thousands of new residents, and the trend won’t be reversing any time soon.

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