New poll finds Democrats’ support for policies change based on who benefits

Democrats have always seemed to be more inclined to fight for power as opposed to what’s best for the American people.

Any time they have a chance to do what’s right, if it benefits Republicans, they seem to prefer to make the nation suffer.

But thanks to a new poll, Americans now have indisputable proof that Democrats’ support for policies changes based on who benefits.

During the last half of 2020, as the Presidential election began to really heat up, Democrats made a conscious effort to harm the American people in order to avoid any credit going to President Trump, and to hurt his chances in the race.

By not working with Republicans to secure a COVID relief bill that would actually help the millions who have suffered from the economic disaster politicians and bureaucrats have caused, Democrats signaled that their only goal is raw political power.

For years, that’s always seemed to be the case, but with a complicit media, they’ve always been able to spin it and simply brush off such criticism to shift blame to Republicans.

Fortunately, though, a new poll has been released that has in fact proven that Democrats’ support for policies is fueled more by which party benefits, as opposed to what is the right thing to do.

According to the poll released by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, Democrats’ support for measures like “court packing” and ending the filibuster changed radically when their party benefits, while Republicans and Independents were much more consistent no matter who benefits.

When asked if they support Joe Biden’s efforts to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices, 50% of Democrats responded yes, while just 4% of Republicans and 26% of Independents felt the same way.

However, when asked if they would have supported the exact same measure under a Trump administration, just 7% of Democrats were in favor of such a change, while still just 14% of Republicans and 13% of Independents agreed.

On top of that, 73% of Democrats are currently in favor of ending the filibuster in the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, while just 9% of Republicans and 31% of Independents want to see it ended.

Conversely, back in April 2017 when Republicans controlled the Senate, a poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico found that just 16% of Democrats, 25% of Republicans and 23% of Independents wanted to end the filibuster.

Clearly, these new findings have proven beyond any doubt that Democrats are much more apt to only support such measures that benefit their own party and harm Republicans.

Furthermore, with the poll finding that Republicans and Independents are much more consistent in their beliefs, it also showed that Joe Biden and Democrats could face major issues in 2022 and beyond if they continue to move forward with their efforts to expand the Supreme Court and end the filibuster. 

In reporting on the polls findings, The Wall Street Journal said, “Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker finds consistently strong opposition among independents to such plans for structural changes, and concludes that moderate and unaffiliated voters did not vote for Joe Biden in 2020 ‘to turn the government upside-down’ or ‘remake America.’”

“Rather, they were hoping he would bring calm and perhaps ‘less bickering’ to Washington, he adds,” The Wall Street Journal continued. “If Senate Democrats choose to make such radical changes despite widespread popular opposition, the new survey suggests they can expect a political reckoning in 2022.”

The paper also noted that Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy “has a well-earned reputation for producing among the most accurate political polls.”

As the finds and conclusion of this poll proves, Democrats will stop at nothing to enact their far-left agenda and remake America into a socialist hellscape.

And if it means ending the threat of Republicans’ ability to filibuster and the threat of the Supreme Court rightly ruling aspects of their agenda as unconstitutional, so be it.

At the end of the day, Democrats are only concerned with ensuring they remain in power, and not what is best for America.

That’s the way it’s always been, and it’s the way it will always be as long as half the country still votes for them.

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