Nancy Pelosi’s term limit declaration is coming back to bite her

Democrats are in trouble, and they know it.

As the 2022 midterms creep closer and closer it’s looking more likely that the radical leftist policies they’ve been pushing the last year are not winning them any votes.

And now Nancy Pelosi’s term limit declaration is coming back to bite her.

Nancy Pelosi knows she’s in trouble and that the Democrats will likely lose the very slim majority they have in Congress, which means she loses her title of “empress of the Democrats.”

But one of Pelosi’s biggest problems isn’t anything to do with the voters, it has to do with a statement she made back in 2018.

Last year Pelosi reaffirmed, in no uncertain terms, her 2018 promise that her current term would be the last one she would serve as Speaker of the House.

Pelosi term limited herself and is likely regretting that statement now.

In 2018, Pelosi famously stated that she would limit herself to two terms – or four years – as the supreme ruler of the House.

Now she’s dodging questions about whether or not she’ll be running for reelection.

In fact, Pelosi’s office is not responding to inquiries from Fox News on whether or not she’ll stand by her promise.

Eighteen House Democrats are leaving office come January 2023, and Pelosi’s spot could be available to another Democrat if the Party holds its razor-thin majority.

If Pelosi decides not to seek reelection, she’ll join the long list of Democrats looking to step aside ahead of what is projected to be a very tough midterm election for the party.

Thomas Suozzi, a Democrat from New York, announced his desire to step away from the House and run for Governor instead, which leaves his seat open and, according to the NRCC, vulnerable.

Republicans hope to flip his district from blue to red in next year’s midterm elections and with just a net gain of five seats to regain the chamber’s majority it is definitely in the realm of possibilities.

Nancy Pelosi likes her power, but she never wants to go back to being just another Congresswoman, so it’s likely if she smells a major defeat in 2022 she will walk away long before the embarrassment starts.

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