Nancy Pelosi ignored her archbishop and did something unbelievable

    The Democrats have drifted far to the Left.

    And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been along for the ride for all of it.

    Now Pelosi ignored her archbishop and did something unbelievable.

    Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other Catholics in the Democrat Party have put themselves in a blender by claiming to be devout while supporting the barbaric practice of abortion.

    Pelosi came out in support of abortions up to the point of birth, which tipped her diocese toward barring her from Holy Communion.

    Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone had supposedly been trying to counsel Pelosi on the issue to no avail.

    The Wall Street Journal reported that “in a letter to Mrs. Pelosi, Archbishop Cordileone said he had previously discussed with her the church’s teaching on the immorality of abortion. The archbishop said eventually Mrs. Pelosi stopped taking his calls. He felt the time had come to make a decision about the spiritual consequences of Mrs. Pelosi’s sacramental life, both for her sake and for the good of his flock. His friends say he was reluctant to do it.”

    However, despite admonitions from her archbishop, Pelosi received communion at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, according to Politico.

    It is unclear which Jesuit priest at Holy Trinity, which has been characterized as a “parish of the powerful,” gave Pelosi communion.

    For leftists, their politics supersede everything else.

    Many churches have been co-opted by leftists who put Democrat policies above scripture.

    Holy Trinity, for example, is promoting an upcoming event called “Pride Mass,” which takes place in the middle of Pride Month.

    Reverend C. Kevin Gillespie, the church’s pastor, said he would give Joe Biden communion despite his radical pro-abortion position.

    Biden, too, had been barred from communion at other parishes.

    Gillespie said, “Everyone is welcome…[Biden is] a man of faith, and I would give Communion to him like any other Catholic coming up for the Eucharist.”

    The New York Times made the laughable assertion that Joe Biden was the most devout President in half a century.

    Yet Wilton Gregory, the Archbishop of Washington, blasted Biden’s stance on abortion, saying that “the Catholic Church teaches, and has taught, that human life begins at conception, so the president is not demonstrating Catholic teaching.”

    As the Democrats become even more radical on abortion, they are going to have to reconcile that position with their supposed faith.

    There is no defense of their barbaric positions.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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