Laura Ingraham’s viewers were floored when Mike Rowe revealed this massive unreported crisis facing the country

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a total disaster for the country.

But one of Gavin Newsom’s laws is about to destroy the entire supply chain.

And Laura Ingraham’s viewers were floored when Mike Rowe revealed this massive unreported crisis facing the country.

The world’s billionaires and powerful government officials just met in Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

And Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe recently appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss the meeting.

Rowe slammed the billionaires at Davos for blaming “the everyday guy” for the problems in the world.

“These are billionaires, and very, very, very wealthy people who fly privately to this resort to basically blame the everyday guy for all of the trouble in the world,” Rowe explained. “I just don’t know how a reasonable person can see through the hypocrisy to even for a moment seriously consider the validity of anything you just played,” Rowe added, referring to a clip of elites pushing to “close the emissions gap” and end the “addiction to fossil fuels.”

Ingraham then turned from the World Economic Forum and brought up Assembly Bill 5, which was signed into law in 2019 by Governor Gavin Newsom and “forces independent drivers to surrender the companies they built and seek employment in large firms that can go on to higher them.”

Ingraham was floored by the massive impact Mike Rowe said the law will have on the entire country.

“This is something that in my view is the biggest unreported story in the country right now,” Rowe responded.

Rowe explained how the law applies to more than “just truckers” and has now “moved into all aspects of free lance work and the gig economy.”

He also said the law will not just impact California workers but the entire supply chain.

“It’s gonna impact everything in the supply chain,” Rowe said. “Anybody with anything in their house that was ever on a truck is going to be impacted by this.”

But the most terrifying information Rowe revealed is that “there is an act in Congress right now to take this thing nationwide.”

The economy is already on the brink of a major recession.

But it’s about to get much worse if Joe Biden and the Democrats get away with their scheme to destroy the trucking industry.

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