Kamala Harris was tongue-tied after getting caught spreading one big lie about Afghanistan

The Biden administration is a sinking ship.

Joe Biden’s failures have been both foreign and domestic.

Now Kamala Harris was tongue-tied after getting caught spreading one big lie about Afghanistan.

Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was one of the low-points of his Presidency.

Ending America’s longest war, a move that Donald Trump set in motion, was the proper course of action, but Biden did it in the worst way possible.

And now the Biden administration is sending out Kamala Harris to rewrite history.

Harris tried to shift blame to Trump for Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, but unfortunately for Harris, the receipts are readily available.

Breitbart reports:

“Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly lied about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal during her interview Sunday on Face the Nation with CBS regarding the peace plan outlined by former President Donald Trump. Saying she ‘fully supported’ President Joe Biden’s botched pullout from Afghanistan, the vice president falsely said Trump negotiated a peace deal without the Afghan government and Biden simply honored the agreement his predecessor set forward.”

Not only did the Trump administration meet with Afghan officials, but Trump and his advisors laid out conditions for a withdrawal.

Harris said:

“I fully supported the president’s decision to after what was taking on the fact of being an endless war, of pulling American troops out, and I think it’s really important to remember that the previous administration negotiated a deal with the Taliban, did not invite the Afghan government to be at the table, and negotiated a deal that . . . required and promised as part of an agreement that we would pull out by the end of May. So we were saddled with that responsibility based on an agreement between the United States and the Taliban.”

This is totally false.

The Biden administration didn’t even hold to the May withdrawal date.

Biden wanted to push it back to September 11 solely for symbolic reasons, then moved the date up again to the summer.

The truth is nobody twisted Biden’s hand into abandoning billions of dollars of military equipment.

Nobody forced Biden to cede Bagram Airfield and evacuate the country from Kabul’s commercial airport, which is significantly smaller and less secure.

Biden also promised that the Afghan military would hold off the Taliban, and no Americans would be left behind.

The Afghan military folded within hours, and many Americans and Afghan interpreters were stranded.

Biden and Harris have to own what they did in Afghanistan.

They don’t get to blame Trump.

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