Kamala Harris sat for one interview that unexpectedly went completely off the rails

The Biden administration can’t hide the fact that it’s in shambles.

No amount of favorable press coverage can paper over that reality.

Now Kamala Harris sat for one interview that unexpectedly went completely off the rails.

The Biden administration is desperate for favorable media coverage.

The White House corralled news agencies for a closed-door meeting where they asked for positive news about the economy.

Lo and behold, CNN anchors began singing the praises of insignificant drops in gas prices.

And Vice President Kamala Harris sat for what she thought would be a softball interview with hip-hop radio host Charlamagne Tha God, but it turned into a disaster.

Charlamagne and other members of the Democrat Media Complex are furious at West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin because he refuses to sign onto Joe Biden’s Build Back Better boondoggle.

Moderates Manchin and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema are standing in the way of the Democrats’ irresponsible spending agenda.

That prompted Charlamagne to cheekily ask if Joe Biden or Joe Manchin was the President of the United States, and that’s where the interview derailed.

It’s amazing how Democrats melt down as soon as they get asked any curveball questions.

They’re so accustomed to fluffy interviews where everything is served up on a silver platter.

Not only did handlers try to cut the interview, but Harris snarled at Charlamagne and accused him of behaving like a Republican.

Apparently asking unexpected questions turns media members into Republicans.

This isn’t the first time Charlamagne caused a Democrat to flub a question.

During the general election, Charlamagne interviewed Biden and asked him to return at a later date because he had more questions.

That’s when Biden responded that if Charlamagne couldn’t decide between him and Donald Trump, “You ain’t black.”

Biden’s comment was one of many gaffes on the campaign trail.

Amazingly, Democrats line up softball interviews with radio DJs and music performers, yet they still can’t handle the line of questioning.

If Biden and Harris can’t handle Charlamagne Tha God, then they don’t deserve another four years.

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