Kamala Harris is headed to France to mend fences but her previous interactions with foreign leaders have many wondering how this plays out

Joe Biden really ticked off France this past September after a new Indo-Pacific security arrangement was reached between the U.S., Australia, and Britain.

Being left out of the group had France’s President Emmanuel Macron so furious he recalled its ambassador to the U.S.

Well, now Kamala Harris is headed to France to mend fences, but her previous interactions with foreign leaders have many wondering how this plays out.

Vice President Kamala Harris is getting ready to take her third foreign trip since she’s taken office.

Harris is headed to France on Monday for four days full of high-profile meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and other European leaders as they gather in Paris to mark Armistice Day, which commemorates the end of World War I.

The meeting with French President Macron has many wondering if Harris will be able to smooth over the issues caused by Joe Biden.

France is America’s oldest ally and it’s move to recall its ambassador was an unprecedented show of anger that made it very clear Macron wasn’t messing around.

Harris’ track record since becoming Vice President, however, isn’t good and she has a propensity for either hiding from an issue or laughing when she gets uncomfortable – neither of which will help make things better with France.

To make matters even more tense for Harris, she will be taking part in the Paris Conference on Libya while in Europe.

The conference is a diplomatic effort aimed at encouraging peaceful elections that could help curb the number of illegal aliens escaping Libya for Europe.

According to a senior White House official Harris will voice, “deep concern for human rights and the situation of migrants and refugees, and reinforce the imperative of protecting vulnerable people, including those fleeing conflict.”

The appearance comes across as ironic to many in the U.S. given Harris’ total mishandling of the crisis at the southern border.

Harris has been totally ineffective as Biden’s point person on the illegal alien crisis at the US-Mexico border.

In fact, the issues at the border have only gotten worse since Harris was put in charge.

This could be a make or break trip for Harris and many are projecting it is more “break” than “make” given her poor performance thus far as Vice President.

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