Josh Hawley got attacked in the most despicable way possible after he questioned Biden’s Supreme Court nominee

Joe Biden and the Democrats hoped for a smooth confirmation hearing for his Supreme Court pick.

But Josh Hawley and the Republicans challenged her record like they’re supposed to.

Now, Hawley got attacked in the most despicable way possible after he questioned Biden’s nominee.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been one of the more notable Republicans pressing Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on her judicial record.

Hawley questioned Jackson on why she sentenced child pornography offenders below guidelines, which is a perfectly reasonable line of inquiry in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

That, of course, drew the ire of the Democrat Media Complex.

Hawley and other Republicans were smeared in the press, and The Onion, a liberal satire site, went the extra mile and accused Hawley of being a pedophile.

This is a perfect example of how The Babylon Bee supplanted The Onion as the best satire site in the country.

The Onion has developed into left-wing advocacy instead of being funny.

Satire is supposed to be grounded in truth, but The Onion instead takes random potshots at Republicans.

Calling Hawley a pedophile is neither funny nor grounded in truth; it’s just blatant political activism.

In the “satire” article, The Onion fake-quoted Hawley as saying:

“This country isn’t safe with people like me roaming around out there. Frankly, it’s sickening that I’m even allowed in this room, let alone public office. I’m literally looking at child porn on my phone right now, and what’s she doing? Just sitting there.”

Leftism is the death of comedy.

Liberals can be funny, but leftists cannot.

And The Onion has veered to the progressive fringes.

Liberal comic Bill Maher pointed out that the Left have gone loony, which means there’s a lot of fertile ground for comedy.

Maher said it best when he explained, “I keep saying to the liberals: you know what, if what you’re doing sounds like an ‘Onion’ headline…stop…This is why there is an opening for conservative comedy.”

Ironically, The Onion has given up on being “The Onion” and The Babylon Bee has taken over.

It’s no surprise that The Bee has been shut out of its Twitter account for being too effective.

The Twitter overlords punished them with a “hateful conduct” violation for calling transgender Biden cabinet member “Man of the Year.”

No amount of censorship or advocacy can stop Americans from seeing how crazy the Left have become.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

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