Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are coming back to haunt him as world leaders look to the U.S. for help

As things continue to heat up in Europe with Russia showing no signs of letting up, Joe Biden is sending more troops.

But he may be in for quite an unpleasant surprise of his own making.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates are coming back to haunt him as world leaders look to the U.S. for help.

So now, Joe Biden says COVID is over.

Mask mandates and even vaccine mandates are ending.

Of course, he still requested and additional $22 billion from congress to continue to fight COVID, even though it’s over.

But now we have a new enemy, Russia.

And to handle that, Joe Biden is moving troops into Europe, and requesting more funding, $10 billion to be exact, from Congress.

Funny how Biden wants $22 billion to fight the thing that’s over but only $10 billion to fight the thing that’s still going.

But he has another problem besides math – troop strength.

Due to his ridiculous and unscientific vaccine mandates for the military, thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines were discharged from military service for refusing to get the untested, unproven COVID vaccine.

And tens of thousands more are still waiting to hear their fate.

That could really play havoc should Joe Biden and his advisors decide to send us off to war.

To make matters worse, it turns out the military just isn’t accepting religious exemptions for the vaccine. The Marine Corps has granted only six religious exemptions, the Air Force 17 and the Navy has granted 0. The Army has not yet turned in its numbers.

What effect this will have on troop readiness is anyone’s guess, but there is no doubt that the gutting of all branches of the military over vaccine mandates isn’t a net plus.

And when combined with CRT training, transgender sensitivity courses, and diversity mandates, there is a real question as to our military’s readiness to take on the battle hardened and brutally ruthless Russian Army.

So far, the reports coming out of Ukraine show no indication that the Russian troops stop their killing to worry about anyone’s feelings, or gender fluidity.

While the courts are currently debating the legality of the military vaccine mandate, our military strength continues to be depleted.

There is no assurance that even if vaccine mandate opponents ultimately win in court that the military would welcome back the unvaccinated.

Or that any of them would even want to rejoin our ‘woke’ military.

The damage done to our once proud military by Joe Biden and his radical leftist administration could take years, or decades, to reverse.

Let’s hope we have that time.

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