Joe Biden’s closest allies are turning their backs on him at an alarming rate

Joe Biden’s Presidency is tanking.

His radical agenda, authoritarian mandates, and constantly deteriorating mental health are all adding to his abysmal performance as President.

And now even Joe Biden’s closest allies are turning their backs on him at an alarming rate.

No doubt the teachers unions are one of Joe Biden’s biggest supporters.

Democrats and the incredibly powerful teachers unions have worked together for decades to slowly slip an absolutely radical leftist agenda into government school curriculums.

Never have they worked so closely, though, as they did during the COVID pandemic when Joe Biden clearly allowed the unions to write the CDC guidance report for reopening schools.

Despite countries around the world realizing masks are harmful to children and doing away with the school mandates, America’s teachers unions pushed for masked children in the classroom – and they won.

America’s children are quickly falling behind in development because of these masks and the selfish, left-wing policies of the teachers unions.

But now, Joe Biden is finding himself at odds with some members of the uber-powerful teachers unions.

An emergency petition was filed with the Supreme Court by New York City educators to block the city’s vaccine mandate for teachers.

Under this law, teachers are forced to submit to the COVID vaccine or lose their job.

As The Washington Post reported:

“A group of New York City educators seeking to overturn the city’s coronavirus vaccine mandate on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to halt the mandate before it goes into effect next week. New York City’s 148,000 school employees have until Friday to show proof of vaccination or to obtain a religious or medical exemption. If they fail to do so, the city can remove them from the payrolls Monday.”

These types of mandates are beginning to divide the Democrat Party and cause once ardent supporters of Joe Biden to reconsider their loyalties.

Democrats are attempting to hold onto an incredibly narrow majority in Congress, but with the way things are shaping up it could be the end for Pelosi and Schumer’s power play.

Voters, even those who would normally be considered strong Democrat supporters, have had enough of Joe Biden’s constant demands.

People are slowly waking up and many are demanding their freedoms back.

Unfortunately, it might be too late.

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