Joe Biden just got some bad news that he doesn’t want anyone to see

President Biden is making a mess of everything in Washington, D.C.

It’s getting harder for him to hide just how incompetent he is.

And Joe Biden just got some bad news that he doesn’t want anyone to see.

For most of recent history, Democrats have successfully garnered the vast majority of racially and ethnically diverse voters.

They promise relief from poverty and discrimination, while hiding the fact that most major cities in the country – places where minorities disproportionately make up the population – have been driven into the ground by Democrat “leadership.”

Rather than help them, Democrats do their best to make them dependent on the government and antagonize race relations so they can exploit them for votes in future elections.

But that isn’t sitting well with many these days.

And though Joe Biden did receive the majority of minority votes, his performance was a historical low.

“More than three-fifths of Latinos, for instance, voted for Biden last fall. Yet, former President Donald Trump made progress with the bloc in Florida’s Miami-Dade County and Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, contributing to an 8 percentage point swing toward Republicans compared to four years ago, Democratic data firm Catalist found,” the Washington Examiner reported.

As much as Democrats love to scream about Donald Trump supposedly being a racist, he made significant gains with those he purportedly hated.

In Florida, Trump increased his margin of victory from 1% to 3%, largely due to his hard line against communism and socialism, something the large Cuban population of Florida fled.

Fast forward to today and Joe Biden takes days to condemn the Cuban regime for their oppressive and violent policies.

Some Democrats have even gone so far as to praise Communist Cuba and pin blame on the United States.

If Biden can’t distance himself from radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who praise dictators, then he could lose by even larger margins to ethnic groups that fled authoritarianism.

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