Joe Biden blew a gasket when CNN blew the whistle on this massive deception

Joe Biden thought he had CNN in his back pocket.

But the struggling news network shocked everyone with one decision. 

And Joe Biden blew a gasket when CNN blew the whistle on this massive deception.

Democrats and their media allies are trying to get out in front of President Joe Biden’s worsening classified document scandal.

They’re pushing a narrative that the President did everything by the book and immediately cooperated with federal authorities after the documents were discovered.

The cooperation angle is being played up to lessen the political damage to the President and contrast him with former President Donald Trump, who they claim was completely uncooperative in the investigation into allegedly classified documents he took to Mar-a-Lago.

But CNN shattered this phony narrative when they revealed the truth about Biden’s cooperation with federal authorities.

While the White House was claiming that Biden was cooperating, the Justice Department was prepared to get a search warrant for the President’s Delaware home for their classified document investigation.

Biden eventually consented to the FBI searching his home.

“You want to have people looking at things, know what to look for,” a source told CNN. “Attorneys don’t collect evidence – that would be FBI. Whoever’s getting this info would have to have clearance.”

Attorneys for Biden, who were searching for classified documents, don’t have the necessary security clearance to hand the highly sensitive material.

CNN admitted that special counsel Robert Hur’s appointment by Attorney General Merrick Garland meant this was a “full-blown criminal investigation.”

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy noted that Biden cooperated with the FBI because he had no choice in the situation.

“Biden didn’t consent to FBI search b/c he’s Mr Cooperation. He consented b/c there was probable cause of crimes,” McCarthy said social media. “If he didn’t agree, next step would’ve been special counsel getting a search warrant (ie, judicial finding of probable cause). Wanted to avoid that.”

The Left is furiously trying to create a false narrative that Biden was cooperative in his classified documents scandal but there’s no evidence this is the case.

The President stole and mishandled classified documents from his time as Vice President and in the Senate, sitting on them for years and in some cases decades.

This the latest example that Biden didn’t handle everything by the book in the classified document scandal.

The first batch of classified documents discovered at the Penn Biden Center, a Chinese-funded think tank, were found by a private attorney for Biden, Patrick Moore.

Instead of alerting law enforcement, the first move that Moore made was to call the White House.

The White House also didn’t alert law enforcement, instead contacting the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), an executive agency that reports to the President.

NARA waited two days to contact the FBI about Biden’s classified documents.

The Inspector General for NARA, a watchdog over the agency, noticed the unusual activity and reported it to the FBI.

Joe Biden is trying to pull a fast one on the public in a desperate bid to contain the political fallout.

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