Jen Psaki was backed into a corner when asked about this shocking part of Joe Biden’s past

Many on the Left seem to have conveniently forgotten about Joe Biden’s past.

Now that Biden is President, it’s as if anything he did previously in his decades-long political career that doesn’t fit the leftist narrative has just been swept under the rug.

And recently Jen Psaki was backed into a corner when asked about this shocking part of Joe Biden’s past.

While many Democrats seem to have dismissed much of Joe Biden’s past, there are still some reporters out there who want answers.

Following the Derek Chauvin verdict, Joe Biden scolded America calling it a racist country whose justice system oppressed black Americans.

Unfortunately for Joe, this statement was going to come back to bite him.

The very next day, Steve Nelson, a reporter for the New York Post, asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if the President was going to acknowledge his role in systemic racism through his support of the 1994 crime bill that Black Lives Matter now says led to the mass incarceration of black Americans.

Nelson asked Psaki, “To what extent does President Biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism, and how does that inform his current policy positions?”

Oops!  Looks like Biden forgot about that pesky detail from all those years ago.

As is SOP for Psaki, she dodged the questions, likely hoping it might just go away.

“Well, I would say that the President is – one of the President’s core objectives is addressing racial injustice in this country not just through his rhetoric, but through his actions,” Psaki said to Nelson.

Psaki continued on by discussing how Biden supports the anti-police legislation in the Senate.

“And what anyone should look to is his advocacy for passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, for nominating leaders to the Department of Justice to address long-outdated policies, and to ask his team – leadership team here in the White House to prioritize these issues in his presidency, which is current and today and not from 30 years ago.”

Unfortunately for Psaki and, more importantly, Biden, the majority of Americans are not on board with legislation that will quite literally tie law enforcement’s hands to the point that they can no longer do their job.

Not satisfied with the non-answer Psaki gave, Nelson pressed harder, wanting to know if Joe Biden really believed America was a systemically racist nation and if the President would admit his role in pushing forward the institutions he once supported but is now deeming racist.

This caused Psaki to enter into one of her all too common fits of rage and lash out at Nelson.

“I think I’ve answered your question,” Psaki snapped back.

During the very first Democrat Presidential debate, Biden’s now Vice President, Kamala Harris, took him to task over his racist past.

But that is all ignored now because it doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative.

It’s scary how much the Left has “forgotten” now that they’re the ones in power.

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