Illegals are rushing the border because Biden announced he’s going to reimplement this Trump-era policy

Joe Biden has made a total disaster of the southern border.

The influx of illegal aliens since Biden entered the White House is like nothing this country has seen before and the border states have had it.

Now illegals are rushing the border because Biden announced he’s going to reimplement this Trump-era policy.

Joe Biden seems to have reached a point where he has no choice but to return to an effective Trump-era immigration policy.

In one of his first acts as President, Biden flung open the borders and immediately illegals began flooding the country.

It has been nothing but chaos since.

After demands from both sides of the political aisle to fix the problem – and fix it now – Biden clearly realized he has to do something.

Of course, once the illegal aliens caught wind of Biden’s plan to start returning asylum-seekers, they began rushing the border at an even more rapid pace.

The massive surge started at two parts of the southern border not long after the Biden administration announced on December 2 that it had reached a deal with the Mexican government.

Biden will restart Trump’s border initiative that mandates asylum seekers be sent back to Mexico while their claims head to U.S. immigration court.

The Department of Homeland Security has set Monday as the date to restart the “Remain in Mexico” program.

Groups in the triple-digits crossed the border near Eagle Pass, Texas and Yuma, Arizona in hopes of getting through before Monday.

Border Patrol agents from both regions confirmed that several illegals told agents they sought to get into the U.S. before the Washington, D.C. policy was reimplemented.

According to one official, in Yuma, nearly 1,000 miles west of Eagle Pass, agents encountered more than 4,000 illegals who entered from Mexico between Friday and Monday.

As a result of the sudden surge in illegal aliens crossing the border, agents say mandatory overtime was put in place.

Even Joe Biden’s supposed “fix” for the problem he caused by opening the border is causing more problems.

Biden’s policies have done nothing but harm the U.S. and take it from prosperous to struggling.

There’s no doubt Joe Biden is not fit to serve as President.

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