Greg Abbott ripped Joe Biden after his policies led to one heartbreaking death

Greg Abbott has had enough with the Biden administration.

He’s taking the initiative on the southern border because Joe Biden refuses to do so.

And Abbott ripped Biden after his policies led to one heartbreaking death.

Texas National Guard Specialist Bishop Evans is presumed dead after purportedly drowning while attempting to save drug smugglers illegally coming into the country.

After news of the incident, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made sure to place the blame on Texas Governor Greg Abbott, stating that the law enforcement operation was state-run, not federally run.

Abbott wasted no time in firing back and placing blame on Joe Biden’s destructive border policies.

Abbott appeared on Fox News and said, “First, we would not have to have the National Guard on the border if the Biden administration was very simply enforcing the laws passed by the United States Congress and securing our border. Second, if the Biden administration merely kept in place what the Trump administration put in place, the Trump administration led to the lowest number of border crossings in decades.”

The border policies of the Biden administration have been inane from the start.

On day one, Biden reversed effective Trump-era policies such as Remain in Mexico, which cut down dramatically on bogus asylum claims.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the Biden administration was de-emphasizing deportations of illegal aliens who were not hardened felons, a move that border agents equated to America becoming a “sanctuary country.”

Biden also tried to end Title 42, a provision that allowed border security to deny migration into the country on public health grounds, namely the COVID pandemic.

Biden had no plan in place for what to do when it expired, yet his administration was moving full speed ahead with the maneuver until a federal judge put a temporary stay on the effort.

Governor Abbott continued, “We are dealing with a catastrophe caused by the Biden administration. That said, one last point, and that is, listen, this is a tragedy for this National Guard soldier, who was a hero, by risking his own life to save the life of others. I spoke with his family and they said he is a loving man, he comes from a family that’s long been engaged in the United States military. They love our country. Our country demands a secured border. We need a President who will stand up and secure the border.”

Biden and the Democrats have zero interest in securing the border.

All of their actions and rhetoric suggest the exact opposite.

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