George Soros just came clean about one of his infuriating plans

    Democrats have many big-money donors pushing faulty policies on the American people.

    George Soros is the most notorious of them all.

    And he just came clean about one of his infuriating plans.

    Billionaire globalist George Soros is on a mission to undermine the country.

    In the past, he openly admitted that national sovereignty was the biggest obstacle to his globalist agenda.

    Soros also confessed that he had a “god complex” and was acting out on it by attempting to alter society.

    One of his most insidious projects has been to install leftist prosecutors in jurisdictions around the country.

    And he recently attempted to defend this practice in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

    Soros wrote, “Like most of us, I’m concerned about crime. One of government’s most important roles is to ensure public safety. I have been involved in efforts to reform the criminal-justice system for the more than 30 years I have been a philanthropist. Yet our system is rife with injustices that make us all less safe. The idea that we need to choose between justice and safety is false. They reinforce each other: If people trust the justice system, it will work. And if the system works, public safety will improve. We need to acknowledge that black people in the U.S. are five times as likely to be sent to jail as white people. That is an injustice that undermines our democracy.”

    First, Soros is falling back on the leftist trope that disparity automatically equals some form of unjust discrimination.

    Disparities in jail populations does not mean de facto injustice has occurred.

    For example, the overwhelming majority of people in prison are men.

    That does not mean men are being discriminated against.

    Also, his idea that justice feeds into safety is not working.

    That’s why Chesa Boudin—one of his hand-picked district attorneys—was recalled in San Francisco, and George Gascón—another one—is on the brink of being recalled in Los Angeles.

    Soros continued, “Serious scholars researching causes behind the recent increase in crime have pointed to other factors: a disturbing rise in mental illness among young people due to the isolation imposed by Covid lockdowns, a pullback in policing in the wake of public criminal-justice reform protests, and increases in gun trafficking. Many of the same people who call for more-punitive criminal-justice policies also support looser gun laws.”

    It’s mind-blowing that Soros is blaming COVID lockdowns for mental health when it’s the Democrats who have been enforcing draconian lockdowns and restrictions for two years.

    He’s also acknowledging the “Ferguson Effect,” i.e. police officers pulling back due to protest groups like Black Lives Matter demonizing them.

    The Left have demoralized the cops and they’re wondering why crime is up.

    Soros also tried to sneak in some gun control propaganda.

    People who support the Second Amendment want more legal gun ownership.

    Yet Democrats restrict law-abiding gun owners while giving criminals a slap on the wrist.

    The fact that Soros is publicly defending his practice of bankrolling radical DAs shows just how toxic he and his minions have become.

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