DHS Secretary Mayorkas admitted something shocking about those illegal aliens pouring across the border

The crisis at the southern border is continuing to spiral out of control as Joe Biden and his administration turn a blind eye.

People are walking into the United States in droves with no medical or criminal screenings and no mandates to be vaccinated like the ones being placed on millions of American citizens.

And now DHS Secretary Mayorkas admitted something shocking about those illegal aliens pouring across the border.

During a recent White House press briefing press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to defend imposing proof of vaccination requirements for American citizens while allowing those coming in illegally through the southern border to be exempt from the rules.

“They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. I don’t think it’s the same thing. It’s not the same thing,” Psaki stated.

Many are questioning what planet Psaki is living on.

The entire purpose of crossing into the U.S. illegally is to stay in the U.S. forever.

These people are in search of what they believe the U.S. has to offer, so why would they ever consider going back to their own country when it’s so much better here?

This, of course, is not the first time Psaki has made an absolutely ridiculous statement.

Now DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is stating that about 1-in-5 border crossers are sick with some type of illness.

Yet, Biden doesn’t think we need to screen them or maybe try to keep those illnesses out of the U.S.

During remarks at Georgetown University, Mayorkas revealed the extent to which federal immigration officials are encountering border crossers carrying a variety of different viruses and diseases.

“We are confronted with a population of people that, as a general matter, that have a rate of illness of approximately 20 percent,” Mayorkas said.

But no one in the White House seems to care about this – they’re too worried about mandating vaccines for Americans.

Of course, if you put too many restrictions on the illegal aliens then they’re less likely to come to America and therefore can’t vote for the Democrats.

This is all a political game to the Left.

It is not, and never has been, about anyone’s safety.

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