Democrats melted down after a court handed Ron DeSantis this major victory

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in the crosshairs of Democrats.

They thought they had DeSantis with one underhanded scheme.

But Democrats melted down after a court handed Ron DeSantis this major victory.

Left-wing district attorneys funded by billionaire George Soros are being elected in cities around the country.

These rogue prosecutors are picking and choosing what laws to enforce to advance their far-Left political agenda.

When a Soros-funded prosecutor tried to ignore the law in the Tampa area, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on him. 

13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Andrew Warren was suspended from his job in August for refusing to enforce Florida’s newly enacted 15-week abortion ban.

Warren, who won his election with funding from Soros, attacked DeSantis and promised he wouldn’t prosecute anyone for violating the law in his jurisdiction.

 “I refuse to let this man trample on your freedoms to speak your mind, to make your own health care decisions, and to have your vote count,” Warren said about DeSantis after the abortion law took effect.

DeSantis stood up for law and order and suspended Warren from his position.

The corporate-controlled media erupted into a frenzy over DeSantis standing up to a lawless Soros prosecutor.

“The Constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the Governor, not in state attorneys,” DeSantis said. “We are not going to allow this pathogen of ignoring the law to get a foothold in the state of Florida.”

Warren made a blatantly political move that showed he was more interested in being a politician than a prosecutor.

Picking the high-profile fight with DeSantis was seen by some Florida insiders as an attempt to lay the groundwork for a future political run.

Warren sued DeSantis in federal court over the suspension by claiming that his First Amendment rights were violated and that the decision was politically motivated.

A federal judge hearing Warren’s case delivered DeSantis a major victory by ruling that he didn’t have to testify in the trial.

With the trial getting underway, this likely keeps DeSantis from being further involved in a frivolous lawsuit that Democrats are hoping can damage the Florida Governor politically.

Judge Robert Hinkle said that “it’s very unlikely the situation would change” on whether DeSantis would be forced to testify in the case.

Lawyers for Warren had said that they might ask DeSantis to testify depending on the arguments used by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s legal team.

The DeSantis legal team is arguing that Warren’s promise to not enforce the law isn’t constitutionally protected speech.

“The Governor reasonably construed Mr. Warren’s statements to be either blanket refusals to enforce Florida law or evidence that Mr. Warren was grossly ignorant of his official responsibilities,” lawyers for DeSantis argued.

Powerless to beat Ron DeSantis in an election, Democrats are left with frivolous lawsuits to try and take down the Florida Governor. 

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