Democrats are trying to hide Raphael Warnock’s corrupt past that will have you steaming

    The Georgia Senate race is heating up.

    The corporate-controlled press is teeing off on Herschel Walker with one hit piece after another.

    But Democrats are trying to hide Raphael Warnock’s corrupt past that will have you steaming.

    The personal life of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been dissected by the media for months.

    Meanwhile, Senator Raphael Warnock has been given a pass by the corporate-controlled press for two years.

    His socialist ties were ignored, as were assault allegations levied against him by his ex-wife.

    Now Warnock has been exposed as a massive hypocrite.

    At the same time that Warnock and other Democrats were pushing for an indefinite rent moratorium, his church was evicting people for balances that amounted to pocket change.

    The Washington Free Beacon reported that “Warnock’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the senator serves as senior pastor—drawing a salary as well as a generous $7,417 monthly housing allowance—has moved to evict disadvantaged residents from an apartment building it owns, one of whom it tried to push out on account of merely $28.55 in past-due rent. The church is the 99 percent owner of the Columbia Tower at MLK Village in downtown Atlanta…which describe the building as a home for the ‘chronically homeless’ and those with ‘mental disabilities.’ A dozen eviction lawsuits were filed against Columbia Tower residents over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the first one in February 2020 and, most recently, in September 2022. The total sum of past-due rent cited in the lawsuits is just $4,900, a figure that could have been covered by one of Warnock’s monthly housing stipends from the church.”

    So Warnock’s church was purportedly attempting to evict someone for a balance of $28.55, but middle-class property owners were simply supposed to eat tens of thousands of dollars in back rent.

    The Democrats’ pandemic response was completely nonsensical.

    They paid people not to work and wanted to keep that going for as long as possible.

    In addition to being a hypocrite, Warnock also supported the MLB All-Star game boycott that cost local businesses in Atlanta at least $100 million in lost revenue.

    He and Stacey Abrams later distanced themselves from the boycott after it went sideways.

    Warnock’s views on abortion are also wildly out of step with the voters of Georgia.

    He is a wild-eyed radical that has been allowed to coast thanks to the Democrat Media Complex.

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