Creepy Joe Biden just got caught making this inappropriate comment toward a young woman

Throughout the Presidential campaign women repeatedly accused Joe Biden of making them feel uncomfortable and one even credibly accused him of sexual assault.

But during his first month as President, Biden has a new problem on his hands.

That’s because creepy Joe Biden just got caught making this inappropriate comment toward a young woman.

During a video conference with Arizona nurse Brittany Hayes, Biden definitely lived up to his nickname “Creepy Joe.”

To try and build confidence in the vaccine rollout, Biden’s team tried staging a simple photo-op between the President and the Arizona nurse.

But Biden couldn’t make it through a very simple script without making Hayes feel uncomfortable.

The video shows Biden complimenting Hayes on her looks and making inappropriate comments about her looking like a college freshman.

“Are you a freshman at the university?” Biden asked.

“No,” Hayes responded.

Biden could not give it up, adding, “I’m teasing . . . you look like a freshman.”

Hayes politely thanked the President for his creepy comments before the awkward exchange ended.

After multiple women came forward during the campaign saying Biden made them feel uncomfortable with unwanted touching, kissing, and hugging, the nickname “Creepy Joe” was coined and has stuck with the President since.

Tara Reade also came forward and credibly accused Biden of sexually assaulting her back in 1993 when she worked in his Senate office.

Viral videos on social media of Joe Biden creepily touching and sniffing young girls’ hair at various ceremonies swirled around the Internet for months leading up to the Presidential election.

The President’s interaction during the interview with nurse Brittany Hayes was incredibly uncomfortable. It reminded many why they found the allegations against him so credible.

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