Congresswoman Nancy Mace got roundly booed by GOP women in her district for this one huge reason

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace has had a rough couple of weeks.

Now she is facing a tough GOP primary after constantly selling out her base on key issues.

But no one expected Nancy Mace to get booed by GOP women in her own district for this one huge reason.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace has a long history of selling out her base, and her principles, in order to get ahead politically.

For those who have followed her political career, this is not news.

She was well-known for it during her time in the State Legislature and many former allies will attest to her willingness to “cut deals” and back stab in order to serve her own self-interests.

It’s sadly true even on vital issues like life and the Second Amendment as well.

That’s why many weren’t surprised when Nancy Mace, running as a “Trump Republican” no sooner got to Washington, D.C. than she started playing footsie with Liz Cheney and the Never-Trump girls club.

She even lent her support to Cheney’s reelection campaign.

So it was no big surprise when Donald Trump endorsed Mace’s conservative challenger in this year’s GOP primary.

But what has been surprising to many, including the incumbent Congresswoman, has been the anger and resentment against her in her South Carolina district.

In her most recent campaign swing, she was heckled during an appearance before a group of Republican women in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

As numerous cell phone cameras rolled, the 44-year-old First District Representative was roundly booed and jeered as she attempted to avoid explaining her past criticisms of President Donald Trump.

It’s important to note this was at a Republican Women’s Club meeting!

These ladies are not usually known for their booing and jeering, more for some soft-spoken “bless your hearts” or slight nodding of the heads.

But these women were having none of Mace’s attempts to duck the question she had been asked.

In fact, at one point it got so bad that Terry Wigglesworth – the President of the group – had to come to the Congresswoman’s defense.

“She has thirty minutes,” Wigglesworth said. “It’s her time to use it any way she wants to.”

As the boos began to rain down on Mace, Wigglesworth took a microphone and chided attendees.

“Now listen, you are Republican ladies,” she said. “I want you all – out of respect . . . please be quiet and listen. After this is over you can walk up to her in person and talk to her.”

In fact, several of the ladies demanded Mace “answer the question” she was asked.

And what was the question?

Mace was originally asked by attendee Diane Crowley whether she believed Trump was “responsible for January 6,” whether she believed he was “an insurrectionist” and whether or not those accused of crimes who have been detained all this time without trial should be released.

Nancy Mace instead wanted to talk about how frightened she was that day hiding in a tunnel.

No wonder the people of South Carolina’s First District seem ready to return Nancy Mace to private life.

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