Comedian Rob Schneider pointed out one simple truth that caused a Hollywood meltdown

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Hollywood is an inhospitable place for conservatives these days.

Speaking out against woke insanity takes an act of courage.

And comedian Rob Schneider pointed out one simple truth that caused a Hollywood meltdown.

The Left is on a crusade to force women to compete against transgender women, who are biological males, on the playing field.

Women’s sports are one of the most hotly contested battlefields in the culture wars created by the radical transgender movement.

Female athletes are losing opportunities and risking injury competing against biological men that are bigger and stronger than them.

Former Saturday Night Live star Rob Schneider is one of the handful of open conservatives working in Hollywood.

Schneider spoke out against the growing practice of having men compete in women’s sports on social media.

“This s*** has to stop…,” Schneider said. “If the parents, coaches and ‘women’ athletes ALL REFUSE TO PLAY against these MEN… It ALL STOPS!”

His comments included a post from former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who’s become an outspoken activist against keeping men from invading women’s sports.

Gaines was robbed from recognition at the NCAA’s women’s swimming national championships by transgender Lia Thomas, a biological male.

“Watch the clip of Payton McNabb getting spiked in the face by a male competing with the women,” Gaines tweeted. “Then watch her testimony she gave today for the first time publicly. I was honored to stand alongside her in NC to continue the fight to protect women’s sports.”

Payton McNabb is a high school volleyball player in North Carolina who was injured after she was forced to compete against a biological male.

A male, competing as a transgender woman, viciously spiked a ball in her face during a game.

McNabb suffered a concussion and a neck injury as a result of the incident.

She testified before North Carolina’s state legislature about a bill that would prohibit biological men from competing in girls’ sports.

McNabb said that she’s still suffering from the injuries sustained playing against a man and that it’s “dangerous” to force girls to compete against men, in the video.

“Other injuries I still suffer from today include impaired vision, partial paralysis on my right side, constant headaches as well as anxiety and depression,” McNabb said. “My ability to learn, retain, comprehend has also been impaired and I require accommodations at school for testing because of this.”

Biological men competing against women doesn’t just rob them of opportunities, it puts them at risk of being seriously injured.

The Left claims that they want to empower women but they’re forcing them to take a giant step backwards by forcing them to compete against biological men.

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