CNN blindsided everyone with this most recent announcement

CNN continues to watch their ratings tank.

The sad part is they don’t seem to understand that the nauseating coverage of the Left and its radical agenda is contributing to the decline in viewers.

And now CNN has blindsided everyone with this most recent announcement.

There is no hiding that Kamala Harris’s trip to Guatemala to allegedly address the so-called “root causes of migration” was an utter failure.

Her trip was so bad that even the Democrat-loving media couldn’t paint a rosy picture out of the mess.

The biggest headline of Harris’ trip was the interview she did with NBC’s Lester Holt.

When Holt pressed her about why she hadn’t yet visited the southern border, Harris made a joke of it and responded by saying, “I haven’t been to Europe either.”

Harris’ Europe quote has now become the punchline of countless jokes.

Political analyst Maeve Reston did a recent interview with CNN’s literal poster boy, Don Lemon. Reston admitted that Harris’ behavior and disastrous showing in Guatemala was reminiscent of why she was forced out of the 2020 Presidential race before one vote had even been cast.

Harris’ lack of political instinct was a great concern to many Democrats in the lead up to the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary.

“I think that we’ve seen this time and again from Kamala Harris, Don, throughout the campaign in 2020. When she doesn’t like a question that she gets, she often deflects it in a way that can seem defensive. And the point that Lester Holt was making was obvious to anyone else who was watching this interview, which is that the issues at the border are inextricably linked with the portfolio that she’s been given, which is to slow — to stem the flow of migration from Central America,” Reston stated.

Reston also pointed out what many already know that Harris was put in charge of trying to get control of the flow of illegal immigration coming into the country, but she has instead turned her back on the issue and largely ignored it.

It’s a sad day for CNN when they have to admit their beloved Democrat leadership is totally messing up.

There is no doubt Kamala Harris is not cut out for the job of Vice President, which means she most certainly is not cut out to be President should Joe Biden step down as many have speculated he might.

Harris continues to hide from anything that might make her look bad or harm her political future.

Unfortunately for her, this time, that strategy backfired in a big way.

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