Clarence Thomas just exposed the entire leftist agenda with one sentence

The Left have despised Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for decades.

His originalist interpretation of the Constitution has been a thorn in their side.

And Thomas just exposed the entire leftist agenda with one sentence.

The Supreme Court is currently considering a massive case regarding affirmative action.

Leftists are concerned that the conservative-leaning court will do away with the practice that has served as the basis of their far-left diversity, inclusivity, and equity agenda.

The affirmative action debate flared up again recently because Asian students were being denied admission to elite institutions at Harvard because they are over-represented statistically on campus.

That is a big problem for the identity politics bean counters on the Left.

Justice Clarence Thomas has long been an opponent of affirmative action, believing that it forces discrimination against qualified candidates, props up unqualified candidates, and undermines the credentials of “under-represented” minority groups.

The Daily Wire reported that “Students for Fair Admissions, a legal advocacy group which opposes providing applicants an advantage because of their racial identity, has filed complaints against both Harvard University and the University of North Carolina for ‘employing racially and ethnically discriminatory policies and procedures’ when accepting students. The lawsuit against Harvard argued that Asian-American students need significantly higher test scores to gain admission to elite schools. North Carolina State Solicitor General Ryan Park mentioned the ‘educational benefits of diversity’ a number of times during his arguments.”

In response to Park, Thomas said, “I’ve heard the word ‘diversity’ quite a few times, and I don’t have a clue what it means. It seems to mean everything for everyone . . . I’d also like you to give us a clear idea of exactly what the educational benefits of diversity at the University of North Carolina would be.”

Thomas is correct.

Diversity is a nebulous term that means whatever the Left wants it to mean.
For example, a group consisting of all women would be considered “diverse” by the Left, even though there were no men present and women are the statistical majority.

Of course, if that all-female group were conservative, they would lose their diversity status, even if they were all nonwhite.

Diversity simply means whatever leftists like at the time.

The Daily Wire added that “after Park cited studies claiming that racial diversity leads to ‘a deeper and richer learning environment,’ as well as the promotion of creative thinking and the reduction of racial bias, Thomas noted that he still had not provided the precise educational benefits of diversity. When Park referred to another study indicating that traders made better investment decisions within racially diverse teams, Thomas said that he does not ‘put much stock in that’ because he has heard ‘similar arguments in favor of segregation too.’”

The Left are going to have a tough time defending race-based admissions in 2022 that discriminate against Asians.

On top of that, affirmative action has shown to have unintended consequences.

Minority students that get “mismatched” at the wrong university tend to drop out at a higher rate, and/or switch majors to softer and less lucrative fields such as sociology or education.

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