Border patrol caught wind of something that will send a chill down your spine

Joe Biden has failed to protect the southern border.

In a purely political move, Joe Biden reversed all of Donald Trump’s effective border policies.

And the border patrol caught wind of something that will send a chill down your spine.

The D.C. Swamp does not want to lift a finger to solve the immigration crisis.

Donald Trump was undermined every step of the way as he tried to bolster border security, but he was able to build border fencing in key areas and slow down the flow of illegal immigration into the country.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden appears to be actively making the border crisis worse, which is contributing to traditionally Democratic border communities flipping Republican.

Also, the lax border policies are allowing terror suspects to enter the country.

The Washington Times reported that “Border Patrol agents nabbed 15 people at the southern border in May who were on the FBI’s terrorist screening database, showing the free-for-all along the U.S.-Mexico boundary is unabated. The number of people on the terrorist watch list caught crossing the border is a record for any month, equaling all of 2021 and more than the Border Patrol found from 2017 to 2020 combined. They were among nearly 240,000 total border jumpers Customs and Border Protection nabbed in May, marking the worst month on record for the Biden administration.”

Democrats have long shrugged off concerns of terrorists entering the country through the southern border, but it was an inevitability because so much of the border is completely unprotected.

CBP has largely been hamstrung by Biden and the Democrats.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas essentially decriminalized illegal border crossing when he said his department would be de-emphasizing deportations of those who have not committed additional crimes while in the United States.

The Biden administration also brought back catch-and-release, the practice of releasing alleged asylum seekers into the country pending their asylum court hearing.

But over 90% of asylum claims are rejected, and few of those people self-deport.

The Washington Times added that “CBP had nearly 12,000 people in custody on any given day but ousted less than half of the illegal immigrants it encountered. The rest were either released outright at the border or transferred to other agencies, most of which would release them.”

The elites of both parties favor illegal immigration, so no matter how much Americans want border enforcement, they do not get it.

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