Biden’s Energy Secretary just told struggling Americans to do something truly infuriating

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank with no signs of rising.

One of the reasons why is his administration is utterly tone-deaf.

And Biden’s Energy Secretary just told struggling Americans to do something truly infuriating.

Of all the Biden cabinet members who are bad at messaging, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm might be among the worst.

And she really stepped in it again when she went on television and told poor people to buy solar panels to combat the worst inflation since 1982.

Granholm appeared on Fox News Sunday and said, “If you are low income, you can get your home entirely weatherized through the expansion from the bipartisan infrastructure laws, a significant expansion – you don’t have to pay for anything . . . If you want heat pumps, insulation, new windows, that is covered . . . If you are moderate income, today you can get 30% off the price of solar panels. Those solar panels can be financed, so you don’t have to have the big outlay at the front . . . If you don’t qualify for the weatherization program, you will be able to, starting next year, get rebates on the appliances and equipment that will help you reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 30%. That is all about reducing costs for people.”

On average, solar panels cost $12,000 to install.

So Granholm wants struggling families to avail themselves of a 30% rebate and “only” pay $8,400 when inflation is through the roof.

The Democrats’ solution to rising prices is to fork over thousands of dollars for solar panels and electric vehicles.

This is how out-of-touch the elites are with the American people.

Meanwhile, California is looking to reduce the benefit of solar panels with a solar tax that would increase the “grid access fee.”

As Democrats scramble to rake in more tax dollars, expect similar solar taxes to proliferate around the country.

Granholm and the other climate change zealots are like a broken record.

The solutions to high prices are to spend more money and invest in inefficient forms of energy.

At a recent Senate hearing, Josh Hawley asked Granholm, “Hawley responded, “[H]ere’s what your President did when he first came to office . . . He immediately reentered the Paris Climate Accord. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline. He halted leasing programs in ANWR. He issued a 60-day halt on all new oil and gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands and waters. That’s nationwide . . . He directed federal agencies to eliminate all support for fossil fuels. He imposed new regulations on oil and gas and methane emissions. Those were all just in the first few days. Are you telling me that had no effect on our energy supply?”

She had no good response because the Democrats’ energy policy is entirely nonsensical.

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