Biden proved he’s a stone-cold radical with this outlandish statement

Joe Biden tricked millions of voters by portraying himself as a moderate.

People thought they were getting a “return to normalcy” with Biden.

But Biden proved he’s a stone-cold radical with this outlandish statement.

The Democrats have become overwhelmed with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In their minds, hatred of Trump justifies any and everything.

That’s why the supposed defenders of democratic norms are doing everything they can to break them.

And after the Supreme Court overturned the bad legal precedent of Roe v. Wade in the recent Dobbs decision, the Democrats went completely nuts.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested it may be time to do away with the high court, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters flat-out said, “To hell with the Supreme Court.”

People have become accustomed to radicals like those two congresswomen popping off, but not the so-called moderates like Biden.

After the decision, Biden said it was time to get rid of the Senate filibuster.

During a press gaggle, Biden explained, “The one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the Supreme Court of the United States…And overruling not only Roe v. Wade, but essentially challenging the right to privacy. We’ve been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights. And it is a mistake, in my view, for the Supreme Court [to] do what it did…I believe we have to codify Roe v. Wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure that the Congress votes to do that…And if the filibuster gets in the way…we provide an exception for this.”

First, it’s amazing how it’s only considered judicial activism to undo something activist left-wing judges did.

Even liberal legal scholars admitted that Roe was a bad ruling because it created a right to an abortion out of thin air.

The Supreme Court simply returned the issue to the individual states.

Also, Congress cannot codify Roe as national law; that would require a constitutional amendment, and the Democrats do not have anywhere near enough votes for that.

Biden has been reluctant to support attacks on the filibuster, but he’s openly calling for it now.

However, moderate Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have adamantly opposed such action.

Some have argued that Biden was only paying lip service to nuking the filibuster because he knew Manchin and Sinema would backstop him, but it’s bad for the country when the president is promoting radical ideas like getting rid of a long-held senatorial process.

The Democrats are not champions of democratic norms.

They will bulldoze any obstacles in pursuit of power.

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