As the divide in the Republican party grows these 28 Senators just showed their true colors

The cracks in the Republican party are becoming wider and wider.

Big establishment types are working tirelessly to push Trump and his supporters out of the party.

And, as the divide in the Republican party grows, these 28 Senators just showed their true colors.

If Donald Trump’s supporters know one thing about the man, it’s that he won’t back down from a fight.

In fact, it’s that fight to the death attitude that caused many Republican voters to gravitate to the former President.

Republicans are sick of establishment GOP RINOs caving when their backs are against the wall.

Most recently, the Republican Party hacks shied away from a fight over the confirmation of Joe Biden’s pick for UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Greenfield told the National Action Network that America’s Constitution and founding principles were rooted in white supremacy and racism.

And this is who 28 Republican Senators voted to confirm as the new United Nations Ambassador – a woman who does not even believe in the founding documents of the United States of America.

These 28 Republican Senators heard these remarks from Greenfield and still voted in favor of her confirmation.

The Republican establishment sits idly by as Joe Biden rams through his radical agenda and socialist nominees.

These types of acts show America just who these so-called Republicans align with, and it’s not the Republicans.

Instead, these RINOs have secret, closed-door meetings where they are cutting deals on legislation that would allow judges to order government agents to kick people’s doors in and seize their firearms.

When Donald Trump took office, the establishment GOP lost control, and they’re trying desperately to claw their way back into power.

The voters want a leader who will fight for them and their rights, and that most certainly is not these turncoat establishment Republicans.

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