An NFL executive parroted one insane argument started by anthem protester Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick turned the NFL political with his anti-American national anthem protest.

The league is still attempting to win back all the fans it lost.

Now an NFL executive parroted one insane argument started by Kaepernick.

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was turned into a martyr by the left-wing sports media after kneeling for the national anthem.

He signed book deals and got major endorsements.

Kaepernick also signed a deal with Netflix, and in his series, he compared the NFL draft to a slave auction.

Now NFL executive Troy Vincent is parroting Kaepernick’s ridiculous talking point.

CBS Sports reported that “[s]everal NFL team owners took offense Wednesday at league meetings when NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent referred to the NFL scouting combine as having characteristics of a ‘slave auction,’ multiple people present in the room told CBS Sports. Vincent spoke to ownership Wednesday morning, announcing changes to the combine that would involve a less tedious medical evaluation process and a closer look at questions teams ask of draft prospects. The combine and other pre-draft evaluations have been criticized for what some consider dehumanizing methods of getting information about players.”

Players of every race go through the exact same process, so to compare it to American slavery is preposterous on multiple levels.

There’s also the fact that the entire process is voluntary, and players are vying to sign contracts worth millions of dollars based entirely on their physical abilities.

Vincent said to reporters, “We just feel like the overall experience, talking to the players, we can be better in that particular aspect . . . So there was, I would say, a good discussion around what that looks like, where we could be, keeping in mind that the combine is the player’s first experience with the National Football League, and in that experience, there has to be dignity. It’s a great opportunity for the young men, but there has to be some form of dignity and level of dignity and respect as they go through that process. That was the overall theme around our combine [discussion].”

NFL teams have been criticized in the past for asking inappropriate and intrusive questions during the interview process.

But giving players a proper physical and mental exam for a violent professional sport is well within reason.

CBS News added that “[s]ources within the ownership meeting revealed details of what Vincent said among team owners that included the reference to a slave auction. In the meeting, Vincent’s comments drew an immediate response from Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who stood up and registered his offense, according to sources. Blank, who has a strong record on diversity and inclusion over his two decades in the NFL, took umbrage with the idea that he was either taking part in or helping to prop up an event that could be considered racist.”

Other owners took offense to Vincent’s comments.

The draft process could be improved, but conflating it with a slave auction is preposterous and insulting.

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