Americans are concerned after Joe Biden became the first President in history to pass this one milestone

Joe Biden says he is running for reelection in 2024.

But Biden is clearly suffering from severely declining mental and physical abilities.

And now Americans are concerned after Joe Biden became the first President in history to pass this one milestone.

Now that the Midterm elections are over, many Americans are beginning to turn their attention to the 2024 Presidential election.

Although other Republicans are expected to eventually enter the fray, potentially including Governor Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump is currently the only candidate officially in the race.

On the Democrat side, Joe Biden continues to claim he is running for reelection because he believes he is the only one who can defeat Donald Trump.

Of course, Joe Biden is deeply unpopular.

His approval rating is stuck in the low 40s, the economy is on the brink of a recession, inflation is soaring, crime is rising, and the border crisis is growing worse by the day.

But Joe Biden has an even bigger problem than his failed Presidency.

Aside from his long string of failures as President, Joe Biden also suffers from severely declining mental and physical abilities.

In March, Americans witnessed Biden fall three times while boarding Air Force One followed by him falling off his bicycle in June.

Biden repeatedly appears lost or confused on stage when speaking, forgets names and places, and is unable to properly read his teleprompter.

Americans are concerned about Biden’s declining mental faculties, which is why Midterm exit polls found two-thirds of voters do not want him to seek reelection.

And Joe Biden’s old age was thrust into the spotlight once again when he set a record for an American President.

On Sunday, Biden celebrated his 80th birthday, making him the first American President to reach that age while in office.

Even though polls show the majority of Democrats want Biden to step aside, he does still have supporters in the Party.

Larry Drake, chair of New Hampshire’s Rockingham County Democrats, compared Joe Biden to NFL Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady.

“Tom Brady won a Super Bowl when he was like 43,” Drake said. “I think we have to reassess our views of aging and all that.”

Representative Juan Vargas (D-CA) echoed Drake’s sentiment, telling The Wall Street Journal that “I gotta tell you, I think he’s all there.”

Joe Biden will be nearly 82 on Election Day in 2024.

Although he claims he is running for a second term, Biden is expected to make an official decision after discussing it with his family during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

No one knows right now whether or not Biden will actually run for a second term.

But if he decides to run, he will have to convince the majority of Democrats who want him to step aside to change their minds and back his 2024 bid.

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