Adam Schiff melted down when he found out Tucker Carlson got his hands on this shocking video

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California Congressman Adam Schiff served as a key member of the January 6 Committee.

But the committee hid important truths from the public.

And now Adam Schiff melted down when he found out Tucker Carlson got his hands on this shocking video.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the January 6 Committee hid the vast majority of the 41,000 hours of security camera footage from January 6 from the public.

Committee members selectively chose which footage they leaked to the media and used in hearings in order to buttress the false narrative that Donald Trump incited his supporters to try and overthrow the federal government.

But now that narrative is about to take a major hit and Democrats are not happy about it.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted Tucker Carlson and his producers access to the entire 41,000 hours of security camera footage from January 6.

And clearly a memo went out to Democrats that they should say releasing the January 6 footage only serves the interests of Vladimir Putin.

Election denier and January 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson – who pushed bogus conspiracy theories about John Kerry’s defeat in the 2004 election – whined that Carlson was supposedly a pro-Putin propagandist and thus should not be allowed to view the January 6 footage.

“If Speaker McCarthy has indeed granted Tucker Carlson — a Fox host who routinely spreads misinformation and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s poisonous propaganda [sic] — and his producers access to this sensitive footage, he owes the American people an explanation of why he has done so and what steps he has taken to address the significant security concerns at stake,” Thompson ranted.

Adam Schiff echoed the “pro-Putin” talking point in a hysterical rant on social media claiming Carlson viewing the footage would allow conservatives to identify gaps in Capitol Hill security to stage another insurrection in 2024.

“McCarthy giving 40,000 hrs of Jan. 6 tape to a pro-Putin journalist is an astounding ethical collapse. What security precautions were taken to keep this from becoming a roadmap for 2024 insurrection? Why isn’t it available to all media & public? Smell the MAGA propaganda coming,” Schiff wrote.

Jamie Raskin of Maryland is another election denying Democrat on the January 6 Committee who also claimed McCarthy was working on behalf of Putin by showing the public the entire January 6 security camera footage.

“Kevin McCarthy turned over Jan 6 videos to right-wing propagandist Tucker Carlson. A man who spews Kremlin talking points. Suggests Jan 6 was a false flag. And spreads the Big Lie. Make no mistake: This isn’t about transparency, it’s about fueling dangerous conspiracy theories,” Raskin exclaimed.

The Democrats are clearly afraid of what the January 6 footage will show.

If the context of all 41,000 hours made Donald Trump look bad the committee would have released it already.

The fact that Democrats want to keep the footage secret while claiming Kevin McCarthy is a Russian agent for allowing Tucker Carlson to view it speaks volumes.

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