A top Democrat Congresswoman refused to answer one burning question about Biden’s border crisis

    Joe Biden has not been held accountable for his horrendous immigration policy.

    Democrats simply do not talk about it.

    And a top Democrat Congresswoman refused to answer one burning question about Biden’s border crisis.

    Joe Biden has systematically undone all of Donald Trump’s effective border policies.

    The result has been unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens coming into the country.

    Democrats ignored the problem until red state Governors began sending illegal aliens to “sanctuary” jurisdictions in Democratic strongholds.

    The Left raged at the Republicans, then went back to neglecting the issues on the southern border.

    Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who has tirelessly covered the border crisis, tried to ask socialist Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley about the immigration problem, and she would not respond at all.

    Melugin asked, “250,000 unaccompanied migrant children arrived at the border since President Biden took office – some of them trafficked, some of them drowning in the river. Any issue with that?”

    Pressley did not even acknowledge his existence.

    This isn’t the first time Pressley has done such a thing.

    After Pressley and other members of “The Squad” compared ICE detention facilities to concentration camps, an Antifa terrorist attempted to “liberate” one of the ICE buildings in Tacoma, Washington and was killed by law enforcement.

    Pressley and the other far-left Congresswomen refused to answer questions about whether or not their rhetoric played any role, a standard to which they would hold any Republican.

    Melugin has been attempting to get Democrats on the record regarding the border, but they are reluctant to talk.

    Melugin explained, “Some wouldn’t look us in the eye. We wanted to talk to Ayanna Pressley. She was one of the politicians who falsely smeared the horseback border patrol agents, did so a few weeks ago on the one-year anniversary. Wanted to talk to Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the homeland security committee. He said he had a speech to go to. Wouldn’t talk to us. Obviously we wanted to get Secretary Mayorkas. Reached out to DHS the week before we were out here. Gave them a heads-up that we were going to be here, asked him for an interview. DHS never replied to us, so we went to him. Wanted to see if he would say anything about the border. And apparently couldn’t spare a few seconds.”

    In 2021, a record 1.7 million illegal crossers were encountered – that total has been shattered in 2022 (2.1 million) with three months to go.

    Democrats must answer for their reckless border policies.

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