A new poll just proved Biden’s presidency is already an epic failure

Joe Biden has been an utter flop as president.

His policies are destroying the economy and leaving everyday Americans demanding new leadership.

Now, a new poll just proved that his presidency is already an epic failure.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers are down across the board.

He entered office with an approval rating in the mid-50s, but now he’s dipped into the 30s according to some polls.

Unlike Donald Trump, Biden has no strong base of support.

He was elected in 2020 because the Democrat Media Complex effectively held the country hostage with endless stories of fear-mongering about Trump and COVID.

Many voted for Biden because they wanted the media-created dysfunction to stop, but the dysfunction has only continued.

The difference now is that the dysfunction is not imaginary; it’s hurting people in the pocketbook and getting Marines killed abroad.

That’s why a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS research shows that an eye-opening 51% of Democrats want to see someone other than Biden run for president in 2024.

The reasons why were various, but revealing.

Roughly 35% believed that he couldn’t win against whichever Republican runs, and 19% are concerned about Biden’s age.

He hasn’t helped his case in that regard by constantly stumbling over his words and losing his train of thought.

If Biden’s mental acuity is shaky at 79 years old, there’s no telling what it will be when he’s running at 81 years old.

When Democrat respondents were asked for a “specific person you’d like to see the Democratic Party nominate for president in 2024,” a staggering 72% said that they “just someone besides Joe Biden.”

“Anyone but Biden” is not an inspiring pitch.

Comparatively, back in March 2010, 79% of Democrats said they wanted then-president Barack Obama run for re-election.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they have an incredibly weak bench.

Vice President Kamala Harris is wildly unpopular, and has been out of the public eye recently after a series of gaffes.

She was a bizarre pick to begin with considering she was polling near 0% when she dropped out of the race, and her one primary “moment” was calling Biden a racist.

Harris’s unpopularity has spurred talk that Hillary Clinton could run again in 2024, which would open up a contentious fight on the Left.

Meanwhile, down-ballot Democrats are facing a red wave in the midterms.

Dozens have already chosen not to seek re-election, and the off-year elections of 2021 augured that they made the correct decision.

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