A liberal Hollywood actress shared one video of America’s streets that made Democrats squirm

Democrats are desperately attempting to hide their failures with the midterms right around the corner.

And they count on entertainment celebrities acting as PR agents for them.

But a liberal Hollywood actress shared one video of America’s streets that made Democrats squirm.

Homelessness has become a serious issue in Democrat-run cities, particularly in California.

The situation in Los Angeles and San Francisco is out of control.

Democrats in these cities try to pretend as if nothing is happening, but the problem has become too big to ignore.

And actress Susan Sarandon shone a spotlight on it when she posted a harrowing video of Oakland, California.

The video shows an endless stream of homeless encampments and trash strewn on the ground.

Sarandon, a hardcore leftist who rankled the Democrats in 2016 when she refused to support Hillary Clinton after the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders, isn’t doing the Democrats any favors by sharing this video.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has done nothing to address the issue – she’s more interested in investigating phantom instances of racism.

“Nooses” found at a local park were actually ropes for exercise that a black resident used when gyms were closed down due to the pandemic.

Schaaf investigated the “incident” as a hate crime even after learning these facts.

Yet she doesn’t seem to have the time to address rampant homelessness in the city.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are even worse.

Former California Governor candidate Michael Shellenberger interviewed homeless people on the streets, and their stories were terrifying.

Shellenberger, a former progressive, has investigated the issue extensively and offered solutions in his book San Fransicko.

He has also taken aim at pro-crime policies in these Democrat strongholds.

Shellenberger wrote on Substack, “At bottom, the blame for this trend rests with progressive groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which have sought to de-fund psychiatry, de-police cities, and de-stigmatize untreated mental illness. They convince their clients to push for maximal freedom rather than for the care that’s best for them. And they are expert at persuading courts to release mentally ill people in the name of freedom. Consider the fact that federal Medicaid funding is available for in-patient psychiatric care for both California and New York, but neither state has applied for it, because the governors and legislatures of both states are captured by ACLU and other progressive organizations.”

Leftists are so wrapped up in their ideology, they refuse to address the glaring problem that’s staring them in the face.

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