A leading Republican lowered the boom on Joe Biden over this massive deception

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a disaster of epic proportions.

He’s trying to pull the wool over the public’s eyes on one major failure.

And a leading Republican lowered the boom on Joe Biden over this massive deception.

Skyrocketing gas prices are one of the signature problems for Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

When gas prices are going up, Biden blames anyone and everything for the problem created.

With gas prices dropping from the economy plunging into a recession over the summer, Biden tried to take all the credit for the drop.

Now, gas prices are on the rise ahead of November’s Midterm elections and the Biden regime is panicking.

White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein appeared on Fox News to try and spin rising gas prices.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer told Bernstein that people are feeling rising energy prices.

Bernstein offered a laughable defense of the high gas prices hammering drivers under Joe Biden.

“When it comes to energy, it’s still the case that the price of gas is down about $1.10 from its peak, they fell a penny today by the way,” Bernstein said. “And that’s important because it relates to the release of 180 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.”

While gas prices are down from the record highs caused by Biden, they’re still unacceptably high at nearly $4/gallon average across the country.

Biden is furiously draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a stockpile of oil meant for emergencies, to give his party a political boost ahead of the Midterm elections leaving the country woefully unprepared for a major supply disruption.

Bernstein falsely tried to claim that Biden’s policies brought down gas prices from record highs.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) leveled Bernstein for “bragging” about lower gas prices during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“[Voters] are furious with Biden and Pelosi’s far-left socialist agenda that’s led to increased spending, increased inflation, just the cost of everything when you go to the grocery store,” Scalise said. “If you can even afford to put gas in your car when you get there.”

“The White House and Jared Bernstein just before me, they’re talking, bragging as if gas prices are lower,” Scalise continued. “Gas prices are about 60% higher today than when Joe Biden took office.”

While Bernstein is celebrating gas prices dropping, drivers are paying far more to fill up than they did under former President Donald Trump.

When Biden occupied the White House in January 2021, gas prices were $2.25 compared to nearly $3.90/gallon today.

Scalise ripped Biden for creating the high gas prices causing pain at the pump for drivers.

“Biden’s begged Russia, he’s begged Iran, Venezuela and other countries to produce oil when we should be producing it in America,” Scalise explained.

The Biden regime has begged foreign countries to step up oil production to save his political bacon instead of unleashing American energy.

High gas prices are a lingering problem that threatens to sink Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

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