Two CNN hosts were left at a loss for words after learning this jarring truth about the Biden border crisis

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The truth is something that is rarely broadcast at CNN.

On the rare occasion in which the network actually engages in legitimate journalism no one knows what to do.

And two CNN hosts were left at a loss for words after learning this jarring truth about the Biden border crisis.

The growing scandal of illegal alien thugs beating up a New York City Police Officer continues to expose the horrific reality of the Democrat Party’s open borders agenda.

CNN law enforcement analyst John Miller detailed the lengthy rap sheets and criminal records of the illegal alien criminals involved, pointing out that they had been arrested multiple times, but were still let out with no bail thanks to Soros-backed Manhattan Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s devotion to the woke extremist agenda.

“These individuals, I went over their rap sheets yesterday,” Miller explained. “Multiple charges. Grand larceny, robbery, attempted robbery, grand larceny, grand larceny. This particular crew operated on mopeds and scooters. They were doing organized retail theft. They were doing snatches on the street. iPhones, iPads, clothing, so on and so forth.”

“One of them that they are still seeking has ten charges on one day because he’s part of a pattern that’s been going on,” he added. “And I’m looking at the dates that their arrests started, which is probably close to when they got here. They’ve only been here a couple of months.”

Miller then revealed that he did some actual reporting and spoke to the detectives working the case who told him this gang carries out all their thefts in New York, then head to Florida to sell the stolen goods and spend their ill-gotten gains before heading back to New York.

“So what the detectives are telling me is they have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and then come back,” Miller continued.

Miller then asked the obvious question about why these crooks just didn’t stay in Florida to carry out their crime wave.

And the CNN law enforcement analyst fully admitted that detectives told him it’s because Florida is a Republican-led state in which criminals are actually held accountable for their crimes.

“And I’m like, well, why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?” Miller stated. “And they said, because there you go to jail.”

CNN’s Erica Hill and Phil Mattingly had no idea how to respond to that reality, and proceeded to allow an awkward silence and dead air to ensue before Mattingly finally thanked Miller to move on.

CNN is a major cog in Democrats’ propaganda machine.

Hill and Mattingly know they aren’t supposed to make Democrats look bad, and Miller’s reporting doing just that obviously threw them for a loop.

So Hill and Mattingly took the only option available, and pretended like what Miller said never happened and moved on.

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