The unbelievable reason this RINO sellout finally resigned from Congress will literally blow your mind

Photo by Todd Trapani from Pexels

Conservatives are fighting a two-front war in Washington, D.C.

Not only do they have to fight Democrats but they have to contend with constant backstabbing and betrayal from the ruling-class elites within their own Party.

And the unbelievable reason this RINO sellout finally resigned from Congress will literally blow your mind.

Rep. Mike Gallagher (RINO-WI) stunned conservatives by casting the deciding vote to defeat two articles of impeachment against Biden Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has led the Biden regime efforts to flood the U.S. with millions of illegal aliens by refusing to actually do his job of securing the border and enforcing immigration laws already on the books.

Gallagher was a vote President Joe Biden could count on to rubber stamp funding for Ukraine and Gallagher completed his border betrayal by siding with Mayorkas.

The Wisconsin Republican claimed he was standing on principle by opposing the Mayorkas articles of impeachment because somehow if Republicans didn’t impeach Mayorkas then Democrats would play nice the next time they have power.

That type of naiveté is why conservatives lost patience with the GOP establishment and turned to former President Donald Trump.

Republicans eventually passed the articles of impeachment with Gallagher opposing them a second time.

In between these two votes, Gallagher announced he was retiring from Congress.

Gallagher told Fox News that he never planned to make a career out of politics and that he wanted to spend more time with family.

“Since I ran, I always said that Congress shouldn’t be a career,” Gallagher stated. “I think that the fact that we have so many lifers and careerists in this institution is why it’s so dysfunctional, and the Framers, when they created the Constitution and this country, had in mind that you would embark on a season of service and then return to private life.”

“My wife and I have been talking about for a while,” he added. “That’s the most important reason. We have a young family now, we would like to grow that family, and I’ll be honest, this lifestyle is not well suited to that.”

No one in politics gives up a position of power because they actually want to spend more time with their family – they would have never got involved in politics in the first place if that were the case.

Gallagher resigned his seat because he faced massive conservative blowback and a Primary challenge from conservative Alex Bruesewitz.

Mike Gallagher either didn’t want to spend the time and to raise the money it would take to win this race, or was worried that Trump would endorse Bruesewitz and conceded the race.

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