Sylvester Stallone put his daughters through one training program that proves Democrats have ruined New York City

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Crime has become a major problem in major cities all across the country.

Even though many residents are packing up and relocating, two of Sylvester Stallone’s daughters decided to make the Big Apple their new home.

And Sylvester Stallone put his daughters through one training program that proves Democrats have ruined New York City.

George Soros-backed prosecutors spent the past several years implementing pro-crime policies that turned areas like New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco into crime-infested nightmares.

These left-wing prosecutors embrace pro-criminal policies, like no-cash bail, that puts criminals right back on the streets.

At the same time, Democrat officials have attacked law enforcement and called for defunding entire police departments.

The Democrats’ war on police combined with Soros-backed prosecutors implementing pro-criminal policies have made America’s big cities a dangerous place to live.

And when Sylvester Stallone’s daughters decided to move to New York City, the Hollywood star forced them to go through vigorous self-defense training with former Navy SEALs.

“The actor has three daughters, Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21, in addition to sons Sage and Seargeoh,” Fox News reported. “He’s long been known to be protective over his girls, but Sophia and Sistine are revealing now that when they moved to New York City, he took extra measures to ensure their safety,” Fox continued. “Before the move, Sylvester took it upon himself to hire Navy SEALS to give his two oldest daughters a lesson in self-defense.”

In an interview with the New York Post, Sophia and Sistine revealed some of the details of their training.

“It was the hardest,” Sistine said in reference to chasing chickens in the woods like her father did in Rocky. “It was about six hours we were in those woods,” she continued. “Sophia and I got our a**es whooped by these guys – they were the real deal.”

The two girls were not surprised that their father made them go through such intense training before moving to the Big Apple.

“And I’m not surprised my dad put us through something like this because our entire life we grew up with him doing these sort of military-esque, self-defense trainings,” she added.

It’s been over a year since Sophia and Sistine moved to New York City.

Fortunately, so far they have escaped New York City’s skyrocketing crime.

And they plan to show some of the training they went through on the upcoming Season 2 premiere of The Family Stallone on Paramount+

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