Aaron Rodgers handed Joe Biden one reality check on electric vehicles that he didn’t want to hear

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The resistance is building to Joe Biden’s electric vehicle revolution.

More and more people are speaking out about being forced to go electric.

And Aaron Rodgers handed Joe Biden one reality check on electric vehicles that he didn’t want to hear.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, and proceeded to slam his home state of California with host and former Golden State resident Joe Rogan for its environmental extremist agenda.

California Democrats, who set the example for the rest of the Party nationally, voted to ban automakers from selling new gas-powered vehicles by 2035 to force drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

President Joe Biden is simultaneously employing overly aggressive federal regulations to force manufacturers to make two-thirds of all new vehicles sold electric by 2032.

“Like they just can’t wait to put more controls on people in any way, shape, or form. They’re trying to outlaw internal combustion engines by 2035. No new sales,” Rogan said. “Guess what, you f**ks? Every time the power is like in the summertime, they tell people not to charge their cars, because the grid is gonna go down. Like, what do you got to do? You got to do a radical upheaval of the grid in 11 years? No, you’re not.”

During a summer heatwave in 2022, California asked residents not to charge their electric vehicles because it could cause blackouts.

“I’m sure Newsom can get it done,” Rodgers sarcastically replied.

“Yeah, they’re just talking. They just, it’s like, literally every goal is to just say the right things, check the right boxes so people think you’re green,” Rogan continued. “You’re green and you’re all DEI’d out. And then they don’t care about the infrastructure of the country. It’s f**king crazy.”

California’s electrical grid is already on the verge of collapse after becoming a national leader in green energy from wind and solar power.

Adding millions of electric vehicles to the state’s roads is impossible with California’s current electrical grid.

The state faces a grim future that resembles a third-world country with rolling blackouts and unreliable electricity.

“No, they don’t care at all,” Rodgers responded. “They definitely don’t care at all. It’s control. They just want control. They want total control.”

Rogan left California for Austin, Texas because of the state’s deteriorating quality of life under Democrat control.

“But see that’s like this, you realize how much A) it’s control, and B), it doesn’t change anything,” Rogan said. “You’re not safer when they do it like that. Like you’re better off here.”

“Well, Texas has its own grid,” Rodgers noted.

“Yes, that’s true, too. And Texas provides oil to much of the country,” Rogan replied. “Like Texas could be its own country.”

California is the socialist nightmare that Joe Biden and Democrats want to export to the rest of the country.

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